What is Kyani?

The Kyani nutritional products combine the best of natural ingredients and the most recent developments in nutritional technology. Kyani nutritional products support the human body with a full spectrum of nutrients your body may not be receiving from common diets. Kyani’s unique product line helps you to feel better and look your best.

How Can Kyani Transform Your Life?

Could Kyani Be A Good Side Business for You??

Recently, there have been a lot of changes in the world and a shift in economies around the globe. Having a "side hustle" or even going all in and starting a business is on the minds of a growing number of people. The challenge is "what can I sell?" After looking at startup costs, production, management, and logistics, many businesses don't make sense. But Kyani does! Learn more...
Improve Your Health & Wealth

Becoming a Kyani Distributor Solves Two Common Problems

Nearly everyone you know wants more health and more wealth in their lives. Once you try Kyani, we won't be surprised if you want to share Kyani products with the people you know. Word of mouth recommendations are the best marketing in the world and Kyani has passed the savings on to the independent Kyani business partners. Not only can you benefit from improving your health with the Kyani nutrecueticals, but you can also build a side business. And, in this day and age, its great to have options!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the  Kyani Business Located in Idaho Falls?

Yes, the Kyani headquarters are found at:

1070 River Walk Dr #350

Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States

Phone: +12085247980

Is Kyani com the Official Website?

Yes, the official website is kyani.com but to enroll or purchase products you can use our independent Business Partner links:

Where Do I Find the Kyani Login or Kyani Customer Service?

If you need to login to your Kyani Independent Business Partner portal, this is the link:

If you are not yet a Kyani Independent Business Partner or customer, you can use the links below:

Where Do I Find the Back Office for Kyani?

If you need to login to the Kyani Back Office, this is the link:

If you are not yet a Kyani Independent Business Partner or customer, you can use the links below:

How to Use Kyani?

Kyani products are high-quality supplements that have been thoroughly scientifically reviewed. That said, the Kyani supplements are not FDA approved and we do not make any claims about specific health benefits.

Each county product packaging will have specific instructions on how to take that particular supplement or product. There are certain products that should be taken in the morning or earlier in the day as they will increase your energy levels, and there are other products that should be taken post workout or in the evening because they will calm your body.

For the best results please follow the instructions on the packaging and do not expect any results aside from what is clearly outlined in the dosage and instructions for each Kyani product.

Who are the Kyani Competitors?

Kyani competitors could be any company that is operating within the nutritional products, health supplements, proteins shakes, nootropics, and vitamins marketplace.
Our competitors do not necessarily need to utilize network marketing models or direct selling to be considered a competitor.

When it comes to competition in terms of actual product quality, we would like to believe and our customer certainly believe that the county succulents are some of the best that they have tried. There are people who have been using Kyani for nearly a couple of decades and have had great results and health benefits

Is There Any Kyani Marketing Help for New Reps?

The Kyani back office offers a broad spectrum of materials that can be used to educate yourself and educate your potential customers and business partners. That said there is no specific marketing help aside from sharing Kyani content on social media or on your website or through direct selling.

This might be a somewhat discouraging factor for many people who expect that they can sign up as a business partner and then the products or the business opportunity will sell itself. In most cases, what you'll find is you might be able to get a few customers and maybe one or two business partners in your downline before exhausting your circle of influence.

The potential for Kyani marketing is to gain exposure and visibility in circles of people that are looking for supplements, improved health or nutrition, or looking for business opportunities which might involve network marketing or direct selling. For the most part the people that you know probably won't make Great business partners because they are not business oriented or have no training or interest in doing such a thing.

Enlisting someone who simply wants to make money isn't going to be good enough. They need to have the ability to understand business models, or how to grow business, or see the potential of the elements that Kyani has automated and streamlined to help the business partner just focus upon building a downline that moves product.

Is There A Kyani Plan to Build a Business?

Is There A Kyani Plan to Build a Business?

The good news is that there is no plan for from Kyani to help build your business. This means that you have a lot of freedom as long as you stay within their guidelines to promote the Kyani products and business opportunity.

The bad news is that there is no Kyani plan to promote the business and most of what is offered doesn't seem to work that well for the average person. What we offer that is different is we are pro prospecting for customers who are looking for supplements, vitamins, nutritional products and other products designed to help with health and well-being. This is our product model to drive product sales by reaching into areas of opportunity on the Internet.

On the business development side, we are targeting important topics that relate to business development, work from home topics, on businesses, side businesses and other words that are relevant to network marketing in the context of what Kyani has to offer. What this means is that we are proactively looking to build out our direct downline and the individuals who enroll with Kyani are placed beneath us in our team and we will place future members underneath them. So, you're really joining a one of the few Kyani independent business teams that has the most Internet marketing experience and visibility around the globe.

Who Owns Kyani?

In 2005, Kyani was founded in Idaho Falls by the Kirk and Jim Hansen families, and the Carl Taylor family. It is estimated that Kyani has approximately 350 employees globally.

What is Kyani Global?

Kyani is a global network marketing business and has been consistently developing new markets across the globe. If you are interested in joining one of the top Kyani international teams with a global presence online that spreads deeply into broad niches for health supplement and business opportunities then contact us, join us, or buy the Kyani products today!



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