The Top MLM Company

A lot of people who have been exposed to network marketing come across the common question “what is the top MLM company to join?” And, then they usually run off and search online for top MLM company reviews and the 100, 10 or even 50 Top MLM companies.

What makes a major difference distinguishing a top MLM company from the rest is based upon 3 major criteria:

  1. Quality and uniqueness of the products or services
  2. The compensation plan
  3. The company’s track record of integrity

A top MLM company isn’t necessarily one that has been around the longest or the one with the most distributors, but the one who integrates a high quality, unique product with an enticing compensation plan, and a track record of putting the best interests of their end-customers and distributors first. These factors, when blend together quickly remove a lot of potential competitors from the top MLM company position because they fail in one or more of the criteria. One of the worst ways to fail is a business that grows because it is a business to sell. That makes it dangerously close to a pyramid scheme. It reminds me of a joke I heard when I was trying to decide the top MLM company between several options…

top-mlm-companyThe story as it goes is a man gets talked into joining a network marketing company that sells canned tuna fish. [Notice that important point – he gets “talked into joining.” He doesn’t join because he’s excited about the product and then the potential]. So this guy, talks to his neighbor and gets him to buy the tuna fish can, and he pays a markup. The neighbor joins the business and sells the tuna fish to his aunt. She joins the “tremendous business opportunity” and sells it to her nephew. The nephew excitedly joins the “once in a lifetime business opportunity” and sells it to his girlfriend’s mom… A few days later, the mom calls her daughter’s boyfriend and says “that was the most expensive and horrible tuna fish I’ve ever eaten…!”

The boyfriend replies, “you ate it? You’re not supposed to eat it, you’re supposed to sell it!”

And, that is the black eye that most network marketing businesses have… The products aren’t that great but when you do the math on the compounding income potential, suddenly the product is secondary! A top MLM company naturally creates wealth because the products sell themselves. People don’t have to be talked into or persuaded to join a top MLM company. They want to because they sincerely believe that the products differentiate themselves. Now when you have this component – a product that is spread via word of mouth, then it naturally creates product and company evangelists (they are on a passionate mission from God to convert people to the products). A top MLM company with product evangelists is going to spread like a wildfire. When this product passion is combined with a highly lucrative compensation plan, it just serves to stoke the fire of the top MLM company. What really makes a difference though is the company’s track record. In order to be a top MLM company, it is absolutely essential to have a dependable record that both customers and distributors trust. Consistently doing what the executive leaders say they will do like maintaining the cutting edge of product development, using the highest quality of ingredients or materials, having solid customer support, making unbeatable, risk free offers that remove barriers to entry, and putting the customers and distributors first is what distinguishes a top MLM company. The moment any of these factors slip, a top MLM company will find its self in a perilous position that must be addressed immediately.

Kyani as a Top MLM Company

Kyani began with three founding families who achieved enormous success through hard work and innovation. Kirk Hansen and the Hansen family own a large petroleum distribution company. Always eager to maintain a competitive advantage, the Hansen’s were the first to introduce computer oil analysis and bulk lubricants to their area. Later, they were leaders in converting their service stations into convenience stores. It was a very risky endeavor but they knew the importance of staying ahead of industry trends. The conversion was an enormous success. Now the Hansen’s family business is one of the largest petroleum distributors in the United States.

The Taylor family, including Carl Taylor, transformed three acres and a horse into one of the largest potato farms and cattle ranches in Idaho. As their father considered retirement, his accountant suggested that he turn over his farm to his sons. An outraged father declared, “If I give the farm to them, they’ll lose it. If they buy it from me, they’ll keep it.” The Taylor sons did purchase the farm. Today they use cutting-edge technology to expand every aspect of their business. The Taylor farm even keeps scientists on staff to evaluate water levels, soil nutrients, crop rotations, and many other means of maximizing a return on their investment. As a result, their business continues to grow dramatically.

In a strategic partnership, successful innovators Dick and Gayle Powell introduced the Hansens and Taylors to the miraculous power of two relatively unknown Superfoods — Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. The Powells also introduced Kirk, Carl, and their families to network marketing. They immediately became passionate about the industry because it allowed them to give back to others looking for opportunity while resonating with their core values. Through sheer work ethic, determination, and teamwork, distributors are able to achieve success and provide their families with a lucrative lifestyle.

Quickly realizing the power of these superfoods and how they could be marketed to create a high integrity, top MLM company, Kyäni was formed, using the native Alaskan word for “strong medicine” as the company name. With the Hansen and Taylor family businesses exceeding one billion dollars in combined sales, Kyäni was one of the most financially secure company launches in history. Today, Kyäni offers some of the most powerful health and wellness products in the world and is quickly setting itself apart as a top MLM company.

Finding the Top MLM Company

Let’s look at what’s being said online about discovering a top MLM company and what companies provide the best business opportunities.

Finding The Best Mlm Home Based Business Opportunities

1. Starting a business in this field is inexpensive.

2. Successful marketers in this business work when they want, how they want, where they want.

3. Most MLM companies don’t cap your salary. This means that, probably for the first time in your life, you could be the sole dictator of your ultimate income.

4. Countless testimonies have shown us how possible it really is to build a in this niche.

Each of these reasons contribute to the considerable intrigue surrounding MLM home based business opportunities.

What is this Type of Business?

MLM is an acronym for Multi-level Marketing. MLM is also commonly referred to as network marketing. Regardless of which name you prefer, the business opportunity is all the same. Even if you don’t think you’ve heard of a company in this area of marketing, you have probably been exposed to one at some point in your life. Mary Kay, Amway, and Herbalife are all network marketing companies.

You may have even been approached by a marketer from one of these companies before. So what do these people even do? Is this type of business legitimate? Network marketing is a completely legitimate business model in which a company allows product users to become independent distributors for the company. The marketers are compensated in a number of ways. In a nutshell, these are the most prominent ways in which network marketers are paid.

1. Commission on products sales
2. Team commission
3. Team/personal bonuses

Keep in mind that each multi-level marketing company has its own unique compensation plan.

Building a Team

As you probably noticed, the word ‘team’ was mentioned a few time previously. The team aspect is a very important part of building a profitable MLM home based business. While it is profitable to just sell the products, the really money is made in building a team. Your team is built by recruiting other people who are interested in building a business. Because you earn a commission based on your team’s, or downline, production, recruiting new distributors is far more profitable in the long run.

Because of this, I highly recommend that you use an online lead generation system if you’re considering an MLM home based business. Leveraging the power of the internet is a great way to improve a business’s efficiency.

Top MLM Home Based Business Companies

According to Nexera, these are currently the top 10 MLM home based business companies:

  • Amway
  • Melaleuca
  • Nu Skin
  • Isagenix
  • Forever Living
  • Legal Shield
  • ACN
  • Herbalife
  • 4Life

I hope this article on MLM home based business opportunities has provided you with the information you are looking for. [Read more]

More Insights on a Top MLM Company

Best MLM Company – What Network Marketing Company Should I Choose?

The primary error that people make when they choose to try the network marketing business is that word “try” when you are going to do something you are going to do it period. A lot of new representatives don’t give the correct amount of dedication that is needed to succeed in this buiness. You need to come into this with seriousness of no matter how long it takes me I will make this work..

The network marketing industry is a multi billion dollar industry with hundreds of companies and thousands of products and services to choose from. Some of the different products and services that you can market can range from things like everyday cleaning products like detergent for washing clothes, weight loss products, telephone services, vitamins and many others. So it’s not a matter of which is the best mlm company but which company and products fits well with what you are comfortable with.

Some folks are concerned with getting started with the top MLM company but that is not always a great idea.. A few of the top reasons that a person coming into the network marketing industry needs to take into consideration is if the sponsor that is getting them involved in the company a person can be trustedThey also needs to know that the person is someone that can teach them how to build a business using many different business building techniques. [Read more]

Common Questions About Choosing a Top MLM Company

What’s The Best MLM Company? aka Work at home type company? ie. pampered chef, avon etc.?

[QUESTION TITLE] What’s The Best MLM Company? aka Work at home type company? ie. pampered chef, avon etc.? – Asked on 2008-01-21

[Question] – Hi,
I am a Mary Kay Consultant, Partylite Candle Consultant, and soon-to-be a Pampered Chef Consultant. I immensely enjoy working these business. Now the key is to research them and see which one’s are the best for you.

[Answer 1] – If you are looking into MLM’s – I belong to FreeLife International. Set your own hours, and the original investment is less than $200.00. This company is legit – not a scam.

I would recommend, however, that you have some type of experience in this industry, as it can be difficult for ‘newbies.’

Visit my website and click on the lower right hand buttons to view the company, income statistics, products, etc,.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

[Answer 2] – I work with a company addressing the healthcare crisis by establishing a health & dental discount program that gives up to 80% off out of pocket costs on most health and dental services. The service alone is something you can be proud to be apart of, and you have the ability to build a team of others who can work along side of you. Go to to get more information, or contact me directly.

Hope this helps,

Trhonda [Source]

Please tell me names of Top MLM Companies?

[QUESTION TITLE] Please tell me names of Top MLM Companies? – Asked on 2006-06-21

[Question] – MLM: Multi Level Marketing

[Answer 1] – The Top? I guess it depends on who is answering, everybody thinks their MLM is the best.

I am apart of Arbonne ( ) I chose Arbonne for many reasons. Especially that they are a member of the Direct Selling Association ( ) That’s just one of the many reasons.

If you are looking to join an MLM, ask lots of questions before signing the dotted line. They should not require “large” investment, that is usually the sign for a pyramid (which gives MLM a bad name). This is another site that I run Many of the people that are into the “Rich Dad” series are apart of MLM. Listen to the recording that is on the main page, it explains why MLM / Network marketing is so great.

There are a ton of resources out there on the net. Just be aware of the ones that claim to give you “free” e-books and such on getting started in MLM, because they will HOUND you on the phone / email

best of luck,

[Answer 2] – Best Mlm Opportunities List

Watkins — Unique, natural products with a trustworthy, wholesome “small town” feel. The company enjoys a solid reputation and has been in business for 136 years! Watkins Distributors

VitaMark International — Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is President of this up-and-coming health & wellness company — receiving excellent training from one of the gurus in network marketing is a huge plus! VitaMark International Distributors

Usborne Books at Home — Superb product. I love reading their books to my kids. Usborne is one of the Best Network Marketing Opportunities! Usborne Distributors

USANA Health Sciences — Recently named a “Top 5” Small Business by both Business Week and Forbes. Voted the #1 Network Marketing Company by MLM Insider for the past eight (8) years in a row. USANA Distributors

Southern Living at Home — Beautiful products; financial backing from Time Warner, which owns Southern Living; and, of course, that little magazine helps make this one of the Best Mlm Opportunities. Southern Living At Home Consultants

Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry — I wish they had more products for men because I really like what they do offer for us guys. But that’s a minor complaint for a company with gorgeous sterling silver jewelry. Silpada Distributors

Shaklee — One of the pioneers in network marketing. People have been taking Shaklee nutritional products for decades and are living better and longer as a result. Obviously, Shaklee is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities! Shaklee Distributors

Reliv — Recently made both the Business Week and Fortune Top 20 best and fastest growing small companies lists. This health and wellness company is on the move. Independent Reliv Distributors

PrePaid Legal – Very successful, pioneering company. Excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs with contacts in traditionally underserved communities, employers, insurance agents, and financial advisors. Prepaid Legal Distributors.

Pampered Chef — Warren Buffet recently bought the controlling interest in Pampered Chef–and he’s not know for making bad investments! Their starter kit is incredible–a deal in itself! The training and support materials are the envy of many. Pampered Chef truly is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities. Pampered Chef Consultants

Oxyfresh — A well-run network marketing company with unique, high quality products. The President, Richard Brooke is a highly respected network marketing professional. Clearly, one of the Best Mlm Opportunities! Oxyfresh Distributors

NuSkin (includes Pharmanex and Big Planet) — One of the oldest and best. Skin care, nutritionals, and Internet services. NuSkin Distributors

Nikken — Products to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise from one of the companies most respected by other network marketing distributors. Nikken is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities! Nikken Distributors

NHT Global — Formerly known as Lexxus International — A company unique for its products (their first product was a topical crème, which enhances sexual pleasure for women) and for its rapid expansion into over 30 countries in 3 years, including several nations traditionally not served by network marketing companies. NHT Global Distributors

Melaleuca — The low start-up cost attracts many people to this well-established, successful health & wellness company. Customers and associates like the company’s emphasis on creating a healthy home environment free of toxins. Melaleuca Distributors

Mary Kay — What do Bruce Springsteen and Mary Kay have in common? (Hint: think pink). Okay, so maybe the Cadillac isn’t as big a draw anymore but the products sure help to make Mary Kay one of the Best Mlm Opportunities. Mary Kay Consultants

Mannatech — This health and wellness company enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. Financially strong, experienced management, top-notch products. Recently named a Business Week Top 10 Hottest Growth Company. Mannatech Distributors

Market America — Diverse products manufactured by Market America and by partner companies appeals to many distributors. Market America Distributors

Life Force International — Life Force International features whole-food derived liquid nutritional products. The company reports that they pay out 60 percent on all product purchases to LFI members in the form of commissions and bonuses. Life Force Distributors

Lexxus International — Now known as NHT Global — A company unique for its products (their first product was a topical crème, which enhances sexual pleasure for women) and for its rapid expansion into over 30 countries in 3 years, including several nations traditionally not served by network marketing companies. Lexxus International Distributors

FreeLife – In business since 1995, features vitamins and other supplements developed by Dr. Earl Mindell. Features Himalayan Goji Juice. FreeLife Distributors Directory

Financial Freedom Society Inc. – Formerly known as Retire Quickly, the company has significantly expanded its offerings. A unique advantage of FFSI is that the products and income opportunity are both ready made for multiple markets, e.g., individuals, insurance agents, nonprofits, and employers. Financial Freedom Society Inc. Distributors

Discovery Toys — All three of my kids have loved to play–and learn–with Discovery Toys. And, yes, Dad has been found having fun playing with them too. :0) Discovery Toys is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities! Discovery Toys Distributors

Cognigen — One of the few companies that is free to join as a distributor (Sales Agent). Telecommunication services such as T1 lines, local and long distance, cell phones, and many others are offered for sale from your free replicated web site. Cognigen Distributors

Arbonne Web Site – “Arbonne markets an exclusive line of high quality skin care, color, nutrition and aromatherapy products based on natural and botanical principles.” Arbonne Consultants

ACN – A leading, affordable alternative in Long Distance, Internet, Utilities and Local Telephone Services. The company seems to provide more than average support for its distributors and it’s web site is very professional. ACN Distributors

[Answer 3] – Check this link to know all about them.…

Good luck.

[Answer 4] – The following are the ones I am promoting right now…I have been involved in programs for over five years now, and after learning what to do and what not to do I have made thousand of dollars. I have ways to actually have quality mailings done FREE!!!


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[Answer 5] – wal-mart billingsley ford handa [Source]

What Distinguishes the Successful People in a Top MLM Company

A top MLM company is going to naturally attract high quality individuals. In this day and age, many believe that the era of jobs has come and gone. What will replace jobs are automation, robots and computers. I personally believe that we are returning to more socially-oriented businesses based upon high trust relationships. A person’s success in any field regardless of whether or not they work with a top MLM company comes down to the individual’s willingness to fail, learn, adapt, and fail again. The era of jobs has come and gone, and people with foresight like Robert Kiyosaki are making bold statements like “network marketing is the business of the 21st century.

 Join a Top MLM Company

If you’re serious about joining a top MLM company, then you want to be certain it is a top MLM company with people who have verifiable, raving reviews. This makes your job as a distributor so much easier. You’re not selling some far out business opportunity, instead you’re sharing a high quality product that enhances an individual’s experience of life. People like this naturally and enthusiastically share what has worked for them, and no one can deny their personal experience. It is this personal level of excitement about a top MLM company that makes all the difference in the world.

Why Isn’t Kyani Recognized as a Top MLM Company?

In terms of those that make the top MLM company list, Kyani has not reached the level of national or even international acknowledgement. Kyani was founded in 2007 and has some of the most significant financial backing out there that distinguishes it as a top MLM company amongst the rest. Kyani has all of the ingredients of a top MLM company and is quietly and quickly rising in awareness as Kyani has entered over 50 different countries in the past four years. At this point, because the products are so unique and patent protected, along with the combination of real testimonials that verge upon miraculous recoveries and success stories and a company that is guided by a high integrity executive board, this company will grow to place itself as a top MLM company due to its product results merits alone. The business opportunity is excellent, the timing is right, the marketplace is primed for these products, customers experience real benefits in under a week, and as a top MLM company Kyani will continue its geometric growth.

Join Kyani Today and Be a Part of a Top MLM Company

Join us as we share the power of Kyäni’s story and its life-changing products with the world. Now is the time to Experience More with Kyäni. If you’re someone who is serious about finding a top MLM company, and you’re willing to learn, put yourself out there, and build a profitable business helping people then we want to talk to you about joining our Kyani International team. We literally have distributors all around the world and if Kyani isn’t in your country it is probably coming your way soon.

Contact us today to discuss your options to get you a risk-free, 7-day Kyani trial pack (currently available in the USA only due to customs regulations on supplements). Change your life and join a top MLM company like Kyani today.