What Distinguishes Kyani as the Best MLM Company for 2013?

I’m always curious to know what people make the choices they make. Often what we decide is an unconscious process and isn’t very congruent until it is made conscious, then most of us feel pressured to be congruent.

What does this mean?

Well, put it in the perspective of joining a network marketing company. Let’s say that you were exposed to a company and a MLM product or service, and you excitedly decided to join the the MLM business opportunity. At this point, you were probably 100% convinced that you had joined the best MLM company in the industry. But how long does that last?

Not very long unless you had an earth-shaking experience with their products – something so life-changing that you suddenly didn’t care what people thought and you were telling anyone and everyone who would listen to use the products that this network marketing company produced.

However, this isn’t the case for most people who think they’ve joined the best MLM company. Often they’ll state “I think I notice a difference…” And this is just a sign that they joined the company for other ulterior motives that aren’t necessarily congruent with how they feel, but now that they’ve invested money, time, and some effort they kind of have to stick with their decision to promote this MLM business opportunity, right? It’s just human nature to be congruent with our consciously-made decision.

So the Work of Promoting the “Best MLM Company” Begins…

After you promote this great, new MLM business opportunity to your friends and family as the best MLM company in the network marketing industry and they almost all turn you down, are you still convinced that you’re working with the best MLM company? I mean after all, it was good enough for you to decide it was the best MLM company, but why didn’t they also feel it was the best MLM company to join?

Notice how I said “feel” instead of “think”? Your decision about joining the so-called best MLM company probably had a lot more to do with emotion than logic – after all, you probably just needed enough facts to rationally support your excitement about what you thought was the best MLM program. Remember what I wrote about “congruence”, well maybe your friends or family members’ disinterest in the “best MLM company” actually had some real good reasons support it. The most common ones I tend to hear are these:

Top Reasons to Not Join a Network Marketing Company No Matter Who Says It Is the Best MLM Company

  1. “It is a pyramid scheme and your sponsor just wants you to do all the work”
  2. “Companies promoting a MLM business opportunity are corrupt”
  3. “I don’t do network marketing”
  4. “I don’t have time for a business”
  5. “I don’t want to sell to my friends and family”
  6. “The products aren’t very good”
  7. “I have an ethical problem with getting other people to work for me”
  8. “Network marketers are just greedy people”
  9. “Only the people at the top make money” or “Only the first ones in the MLM company actually make money”
  10. “Network marketing is a cult for selfish people”

By the time you’ve heard one or more variations of these excuses as to why your not working with the best MLM company and not doing something ethical, your excitement about the MLM business opportunity has probably been shaken.

Going from the Best MLM Company to the Worst Decision Ever Was to Join a Network Marketing Company…

A small percentage of people (polarity responders) will become more and more adamant about their decisions to join what they feel to be the best MLM company, but most people start losing hope once they start hearing the reasons above. What they’ve actually encountered is beliefs that are more congruent than their own.

Here’s the thing though, beliefs are also unconsciously-created and tend to be passed around. Ironically belief-sharing happens much like network marketing. A parent, an older sibling, an older relative or an older acquaintance or more influential friend tends to pass their beliefs down the line to those who are less influential, younger and/or less experienced. In this context, belief systems are also pyramid schemes, because who knows if a person is actually believing something that is effective, right? So if you run off and tell your uncle that you’ve found the best MLM company, and he has been working as an employee for 30 years doing a technical job at a radio broadcasting company; trading his time for money and never having full responsibility for running a business… Then he’s most likely going to turn down your MLM business opportunity and laugh at you saying network marketing is a pyramid scam and only for greedy people, etc.

What our hypothetical uncle isn’t capable of realizing because he is so congruent with his adopted belief system is that he actually works in a pyramid scheme himself or a radio network that distributes signals to other little networks that then relay those signals to radios. He buys his groceries from a store who buys from a local retailer who buys from a national retailer or producer… You see network marketing is all about leveraging the natural social and psychological channels that human beings create. Any gathering of 3 or more people creates a geometric triangle of communication; this distributes new information in a downward fashion. All forms of communication structures itself in a top-down fashion.

A MLM business opportunity simply uses the natural model of human communication to distribute products. When it gets weird and is a subtle sign that you’re not working with the best MLM company is when you find yourself trying to convince and persuade people to continue buying your products.

If your MLM business opportunity has high quality, irreplaceable products then sales happen naturally because demand is high.

This is pretty much the litmus test for the best MLM company in the marketplace. Do people actually become raving fans and “evangelists” about your MLM products? Before I share why I believe that Kyani is the best MLM company and the best MLM business opportunity (they tend to go hand in hand, right?), let’s look at what other people are saying on the internet about what to consider when choosing the best MLM company.

Learn What Others are Saying About the Best MLM Company to Choose

What Sets Apart the Best MLM Company from the Rest

5 Characteristics Of The Best Network Marketing Companies

Not all network marketing companies out there are serious in helping you earn extra income; some of them are scams. So you have to be very careful in choosing the company to invest your money in. You should take time to research about the company first; familiarize yourself with its products, and know its industry history. Below are five of the most important characteristics of the best network marketing companies:

  1. They have unique yet in-demand products or services. The secret to last long in network marketing industry is to sell unique but in-demand products or services. Just because the company offers a lot of products doesn’t mean that it will stay strong for years. Oftentimes, companies with a unique product are more likely to stay in business for a longer time. If the companies you are considering have plenty of products to offer, look at the market demands for these products before making a decision. Even if the products are too common, if it is needed by majority of the population no matter what the season is, that means you’ll have customers any time of the year and that company is more likely to stay in the business even for a couple of decades.
  2. They Have been in operations for a long time now. The best network marketing companies have long industry experience-they’ve been through lots of challenges but still managed to stand up and continue to prosper. So before you join in a networking company, make sure it is at least 18 months old because networking companies with weak foundation usually fall out of business in their first two years.
  3. They have the widest consumer usage. It is wise to go for companies that sell products or services needed by people-they should pay for it willingly even without being reminded. It should also have wide consumer usage, which means just about anyone can be a potential consumer. If you’ll find companies with these characteristics, you’re most likely to succeed in your networking ventures.
  4. They have people with positive attitude. Another great asset of the best network marketing companies is its people. They usually have salespeople who, at the same time, act as teachers and trainers. Both of their uplines and downlines are enthusiastic and have developed positive and optimistic attitudes. Of course, these people have that great desire to earn extra money. Remember that our mental attitude has much to do with our success. People with positive attitude can handle life’s problems and challenges very well and are more likely to get through these downfalls with grace.
  5. They are builders. Yes, the best network marketing companies are excellent builders. They’ve built their networks one individual at a time and emulate such technique in building the smaller networks under them. They have excellent emotional, physical, and mental health, so they can be good examples to their downlines. [Read more]

Best Network Marketing Companies – Spotting The Best!

Finding the best network marketing companies can be very difficult. Today, the internet has given so many of us so much to be grateful for however; it is still left to us to make very good use of the many opportunities that the internet has brought to us to make sure we are on top. Empowering people to take action on creating financial freedom for themselves by making money online is what today is all about especially with the rate at which unemployment is becoming the order of the day. Sitting down to wait for someone to set up a company and hire you is a practical waste of time.

There are so many companies that claim to be the very best network marketing companies to ever surface the earth but the truth is that, everyone can say they are good but you need more than word of mouth to tell if a network marketing company is right for your business or not. There are so many considerations that should be made to ensure that you are getting only the right network marketing company or better still, why not set up your own affiliate marketing website to offer such services to network companies for money.

Yes, this can be a ground breaking idea for success especially because there are so many businesses today that need the services of affiliate marketers. Do you know you can earn full-time income by doing affiliate marketing through your own website online? Well, you can be one of the best network marketing companies ever with the highest profits. With this type of job, you become your own boss and you do not need to rent an office space because you can work from home and reach the global market. You can even make so much money while you are sleeping and not working.

Start by making sure you have the right tips that will help you strengthen your business online. Affiliate marketing companies are one of the best network marketing companies around and have a lot more to do with your commitment and readiness to explore and learn than to make money in your first week of setting up your website. There is so much more that the process involves which is why you need to make sure you are always doing your business well. When you have so many products on your website that you sell for other companies, you gain more respect and your credibility online increases.

Also, make sure you do not misuse money earned from business. Some of the best network marketing companies in the world learnt how to save even the last penny they made from their business and today; they can stand proud and boast of being billions rich. Saving well does not need any accounting qualifications but being serious and focused can help you fix all financial and saving issues. Making your clients comfortable with you and making sure you charge reasonable rates will ensure that you are always on top of the list. [Read more]

A Must Read Book about What it Takes to Make it as a Distributor for the Best MLM Company for You

Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

Which is the best Network Marketing company with very unique product line and amazing compensation plan ?

[QUESTION TITLE] Which is the best Network Marketing company with very unique product line and amazing compensation plan ? – Asked on 2013-04-28

[Question] – Which is the best Network Marketing company with very unique product line and amazing compensation plan ?
most importantly support and education system worldwide

[Answer 1] – you will need to look at most of them
to find a product,service that YOU would
want to represent.

as for suport, education just depends where
u live. [Source]

What’s the best network marketing company i should select???

[QUESTION TITLE] What’s the best network marketing company i should select??? – Asked on 2008-04-25

[Question] – i’ve being doing some research about all these new companies and it’s pretty hard to understand which ones work or not…
I do not sponsor cash gifting… i’m not asking for money but something more like a company…. any advice will be appreciated 😉

[Answer 1] – Hi there, i actually was really confused about what to choose… when i finally made my decisition i stick to passport to wealth just because a coworker recommend it to me…
I mean that was the only way to believe it right?
It was hard to trus ppl saying yes it works now let me be your sponsor and I was like yes sure you are going to say is the best so i can give you my money …
Anyway, i finally did it and I’m working with

I did not make $10.000 in the first 3 days…
However I did $4.000

when i had the money on my account I did say woooowww this does work….!!!!
take a look at my website, I wont sell you anything just let you know what i did…

[Answer 2] – Check out Liberty Health Net,Inc LHN is one of the most simple, most ethical and most profitable home-business opportunities available today. LHN is one of the most genuine and most realistic, no hype, no lies and no false promises businesses on the Internet. Liberty Health Net is not one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” companies. They have been delivering products and pay checks ON TIME for the past SIX YEARS.
also marketing site

[Answer 3] – You will not be able to tell which ones work and which do not just by instinct. You have to look deep and study the comp plan to know what is right for you. There are so many companies out there. Many with fair comp plans as well. You can find a business that matches your interests if you take the time to look around. More importantly, you will be leaps and bounds ahead if you study the industry as a whole prior to getting involves. I have a link to a free helpful e-book in my profile page here at Yahoo Answers.

Best regards to your and your quest!

[Answer 4] – Network Marketing is BOOMING on the Web! Learn how we’re sponsoring OVER 100,000 monthly worldwide without mailing anything, without faxing anything, without calling anyone! Totally Internet and system-driven and we’ve only scratched the surface. Get started FREE! Sign up as an affiliate at: . Then watch the explosion before your eyes. NO OBLIGATION.

[Answer 5] –
Low start-up cost, great commissions and overrides; plus walk away residual income. Leave your business to your love ones, i.e. children or who ever. Big demand for our services! Get Paid Daily!

[Answer 6] – [Source]

5 Reasons Why Kyani is the Best MLM Business Opportunity

  1. Kyani offers a unique product that is high demand because of its full spectrum health benefits
  2. Kyani has been in business since 2007 and has entered over 50 countries and growing
  3. The Kyani MLM business opportunity is based upon selling consumable products to customers not selling promotional products to distributors
  4. Look at Michael Towns in the Kyani video above – great attitude, focused, believes in the products
  5. Kyani inspires vision and is dedicated to creating industry leaders

Interested in Joining Kyani – The Best MLM Business Opportunity?

Regardless of whether or not you are new to network marketing or just looking for a solid MLM business opportunity, we highly recommend that you first try the Kyani products for yourself. You can easily and securely order Kyani products online using the button below. Kyani is available on nearly all the continents and ships directly from the countries that are open so there are no customs issues or delays in shipping. You’ll have your Kyani products quickly and you’ll also have a full 100% money back guarantee so the risk is all on Kyani and you’re free to just concern yourself with the efficacy of the Kyani products. We truly believe you will notice a qualifiable difference in your body that no other MLM products have been able to deliver. After you try the Kyani products, and when you have a positive experience, then contact us and we can discuss your options to become a distributor. We offer an amazing mentorship and training program for our Kyani International Team downline. We want you to succeed and are dedicated to your success.

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Kyani products are phenomenal! Order yours right now!

Looking for a solid business opportunity? Join my team and I'll help you promote online in your local area.

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