Grow Your Internet Marketing Network and Take Your Social Network Marketing to the Next Level

You can’t run from it – believe me I’ve tried… Social network marketing is expected by your customer base and business partners, and social network marketing is expected by most consumers under 50 years of age.

So, what does this mean for you as as network marketer promoting Kyani or some other MLM business opportunity. Well, it means that you’re going to have to redefine what comes to mind when you ask yourself “what is social network marketing…?”

Do you have to have a fancy network marketing website that looks like the social network marketing brainchild of Steve Jobs and Kim Kardashian?

No. You can leverage social media sites that already exist like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. Each have different demographics and different approaches to network marketing social network development.

Do you have to learn how to write code, take pictures, make videos or write copy?

No. But, imagine how fun and effective it could be for your social network marketing endeavors if you do venture out and learn a little… C’mon you can learn anything with a little motivation and a lot of curiousity. You learned how to walk, how to talk, maybe even how to swim or ride a bicycle way back when you were just a little child. So now that you’re all grown up, imagine how much more you can learn – especially about social network marketing, creating an internet marketing network or how to develop a network marketing social network so you can make more money!

So, what is social network marketing?

What is Social Network Marketing?

Click the image below to read what is being said about using social media to promote your business.


Seriously Take Action and Grow Your Internet Marketing Network Online and Offline

Remember that image at the top of this post on social network marketing? It is a pretty common snapshot of what I’ve personally experienced and what I see all the time… How often have you been in a coffee shop or restaurant and seen people meeting in person and also showing each other information on social media sites, pictures, videos, etc. on their mobile devices. This is offline social network marketing that serves to build an internet marketing network or a network marketing social network.

This approach to social network marketing is very effective. Want to know why? Two words:

Social proof.

When you can show your marketing prospect on your fancy mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc.) that you have a social-network marketing plan that uses social media sites like Pinterest, a Facebook page, or a YouTube channel then that unconsciously lends to your credibility in developing your internet marketing network or network marketing social network. Very often, people meet offline and then later “follow” each other online through various social media sites.

So the bottom line here to take your social network marketing strategy to the next level, use social media sites for building your internet marketing network or network marketing social network as a way to reinforce and compound your online and offline social network marketing efforts. For most of your potential business partners and customers, they have been conditioned to look for this sort of social proof as evidence that they are working with the right person and using the right product(s)

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