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How to Network Market – Slick MLM Salesperson versus High Integrity Business Owner…

Perhaps you’ve started with a multilevel marketing company and you’re now wondering how to network market since you’ve probably blown through your warm list… Or, you may be looking at new ways to earn money and have been trying to figure out how to network market if you were to join a company…

My recommendation is to first determine your motivation for wanting to know how to network market and starting a network marketing company, and then decide your personal style.

  1. Is your motivation based upon a need to make a quick dollar or are you looking for a business opportunity to grow over the long run?
  2. What is your personal style? Do you struggle with selling? Do you find it easier to sell something that you believe in…? Or, are you the sort of person who just loves to pitch and close?

My opinion is that there are two sorts of people (of course there are more, but this is just my perspective):

  • Convince and Persuade – You love the challenge of prospecting and closing deals. Essentially you can sell anything and the higher the commission, the better.
  • Inform and Lead – You like to learn about problems and offer solutions that you personally believe in… For you, your conscience allows you to sleep better at night when you promote what you sincerely believe in and would make the same recommendation whether or not you had a vested financial interest.

Unfortunately, the stereotype is that network marketing is full of slick MLM salespeople and while there certainly can be that element, one of the reasons why you should consider MLM business models is because many people involved in network marketing are not… Instead they have aspirations of being high integrity business owners.

How to Network Market if You Don’t Have a Big Social Network Or A Lot of Contacts

The next step in determining how to network market is based upon an analysis of your social circle. Traditionally, network marketing is based upon relationships, rapport and personal recommendations. However, it is estimated that the average network marketer only sponsors around 2 people during his or her network marketing career. If you were to estimate the average person’s social network size, it would be roughly 200 contacts. In direct marketing terms, you’d have a 1% conversion rate on your social sphere.

2 people in your downline isn’t going to catapult you into a 6 figure network marketing income, will it? Not usually. So you’re going to have to figure out a way to prospect. It isn’t too complicated but it can be intimidating especially if you’ve been sold on the crazy MLM notion that you just need to sponsor 3 people who will sponsor 3 people who sponsor… [broken record]. I don’t think the people who parrot such things have ever heard of the concept of an “attrition rate” – the fallout that happens when you start contemplating how to find network marketers who would be good additions to your team.

Why You Should Consider MLM Business Models As A Way to Avoid Being Outsourced, Downsized or Laid Off in the “New Economy”

So the reason why you should consider MLM business models like Kyani is because they allow you to compound and leverage your efforts. Regardless of whether you run a pizza parlor or a network marketing business, you’re going to have to find a way to drive traffic and gain exposure. Usually, when it comes to network marketing, most people are better off staying away from their friends and family members as potential prospects. If you were to open a pizza parlor and expect your friends and family to eat pizza every day to support you, you’d quickly find that you were mistaken.

The same applies to your network marketing business. In order tot learn how to network market, just think about a traditional business marketing plan:

The good old marketing mix / 4 P’s of marketing

  1. Product – You’re going to have to sell something that is perceived as valuable by your prospects
  2. Price – The price has to be perceived as being less than the value received from the product (or service)
  3. Promotion – It is beneficial to have an offer that removes or reduces the risk of buyer’s remorse
  4. Distribution – The customer has to access the product in a reasonable manner

So as a network marketer, you need to ask yourself if you would buy and use your own products (from you) if you had no vested interest. You’re also going to have to create a sales funnel and be willing to get in front of people with your promotional offer.

What is the Difference Between Pyramid Scheme and Network Marketing Business Opportunity

What is the difference between pyramid scheme and network marketing? Even though this is the common, conditioned response to network marketing by people who have never really looked into business systems, it is simply a question of distribution.

A pyramid scheme either does not deliver a product, or the product delivered is more valuable to the seller than it is to the consumer. The basis of the company’s commission structure is based upon recruiting, not selling products to customers.

The Tuna is For Selling – Pyramid Scheme Example

Here is an example of the difference between pyramid scheme and network marketing. Distributor 1 sells Distributor 2 a case of cans of tuna fish for $10. Distributor 2 sells the same case to Distributor 3 for $20 and so on until Distributor 9 sells the case to Distributor 10 for $500. Distributor 10 opens the case and opens one of the cans, which turns out to be rancid. He goes back to Distributor 9 who refers him to Distributor 8 and so on until Distributor 10 goes to Distributor 1 to complain.

“I have major problem,” he says.
“So, what’s your problem?” says Distributor 1.
“Well,” says Distributor 10, “the tuna is rancid, it’s inedible.”
“So, what’s your problem,” Distributor 1 says again.
Distributor 10 says, “Like I said, this tuna is no good.”
“Well,” says Distributor 1, “the way I see it, you don’t really have a problem.”
“What do you mean?” says Distributor 10, “this stuff is worthless.”
“You don’t understand,” said Distributor 1, “this tuna is for selling, it’s not for eating!”

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