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What are Your Options if You Want to Make Money from Home?

If you want to figure out an ethical, legal way to make money from home you actually have a lot of possibilities, but very few realities. Some of the possibilities are:

  • play the lottery
  • try to become an internet celebrity
  • promote yourself as a spiritual guru
  • teach dance lessons
  • babysit

Those probably weren’t what you had in mind…

What it really comes down to is you’ve got to provide a product or a service that people perceive as valuable in order to make money from home. The realities are actually just the following three:

  1. Invent your own unique variation of a product or service
  2. Purchase a franchise
  3. Become an affiliate marketer or network marketer

If you have had some small business ideas in the past, but haven’t really investigated how to start a business here is what you need to consider.

How to Start a Business and What You Need to Implement Your Small Business Ideas

Product or Service

You will either need to create your own unique product or service. It used to be that products were tangible and services were intangibles. But since the advent of digital technology, products are also now tangible. A product can be patented whereas a service cannot. Services require some degree of interaction whereas products do not. Services are also vary in terms of outcome and are typically time-based whereas products are not.


How will you begin producing your products? Where will you source your components, parts, ingredients, etc? What standards or quality assurance needs to be considered? What technology is needed? What systems will you need?

How will you begin offering your services? What technology is required? Are certifications or specific credentials or is governmental approval required?


Who will deliver the products? How will your customers obtain your products or services? At your home? A store? On the internet? From a retailer? Do shipping costs play into your business model?


Do you need permits? Do you have the right property zoning? Do you have the proper credentials?

Why Starting a Business is a Bad Idea for Most People…

Honestly, most small business ideas fail because the average person is not able to:

  1. Come up with a viable product or service that is perceived as valuable
  2. They are unable to leverage their time and energy
  3. They are unable to implement the systems that will enable their business to grow
  4. They do not allow for a big enough window of time for failure, learning and success

Why Making Money Online by Selling Products is Practically Impossible for Most People

Two simple words: traffic and conversion.

Gaining enough website traffic that converts is the challenge for every online entrepreneur. Online marketing is also an ever-evolving process that changes every few months. To be successful in this arena you have to understand the fundamentals of: website development, website design, marketing, advertising, psychology, and have a product or service that offers large enough margins to make customer acquisitions profitable once you cover your costs…

Kyani network marketing

Why Kyani is an Excellent Opportunity if You’re Looking for Another Way to Make Money

  1. The products are already created and backed by a team of scientific authorities with tremendous social proof
  2. The business systems are already in place for customer acquisition; payment processing; and product creation, distribution and fulfillment
  3. Kyani is available in over 50 different countries so you literally have an international business
  4. Kyani allows you to leverage your efforts through a forced matrix hybrid compensation model – meaning you receive a portion of your compensation from your total downline sales volume and over time this volume can grow extremely large
  5. The legal aspects are completely covered by Kyani and you just focus upon promoting the products

Kyani is a Great Way to Make Money From Home!

I encourage you to watch the two videos at the top of this page so that you better understand the Kyani opportunity. If you have questions about how to begin with Kyani or the products, then use the contact form below and I will respond ASAP!


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 How to Start A Business