Kyani’s Natural MLM System That Converts Differently

So most people have been on one end or the other of a traditional network marketing MLM system for prospecting: the dreaded phone call. I’m not sure which is worse, making the call or receiving the call…

“Hi Jody, this is Bob from high school….” [pause]

“No no, the other Bob.” [awkward pause]

“Um no, I was the other Bob. Played clarinet in band. We had P.E. together our freshman year.”

“Yes, that was over 25 years ago. My memory is a little foggy too.”

“Yes, uh that was an embarrassing moment. I’d totally forgotten about it [LIE]. [Nervous laugh] Um yes, I was that guy.” [tension building]

“Well… would you trust me enough to tell you about a business opportunity that could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams…?”

“Am I rich? Well not yet, but I could train you and working together we could both become rich…”


Personally, I’d rather get punched in the throat than make that call – or receive it for that matter. But hey, for many network marketing companies out there, that’s pretty much the best MLM system that they’ve got and their MLM system is completely dependent upon selling the dream. And, part of that MLM system is just working a numbers game. The good old sales funnel. No MLM system is complete without it, but when you’ve got a low quality offer that’s based upon potential riches if only you buy into the proven MLM system and help someone else buy into the MLM system… who helps someone else buy into the MLM system… who [oh, I already mentioned “who helps someone else buy into that proven MLM system… my apologies.]

Yeah, that kind of MLM system… well, it’s kinda like a broken record.


Stop Messing Around with Network Marketing and Apply Kyani’s Proven MLM System

I don’t know if it could be much easier than Kyani’s proven MLM system. What is interesting to note is that Kyani has been in the marketplace since 2007. Practically none of the current top earners had a successful background in network marketing. Pretty much none of them were interested in network marketing and had never considered any sort of MLM system for prospecting. Most of them wanted nothing to do with any sort of MLM system.

The reason why they are successful is because despite various degrees of skepticism against MLM products, they tried the Kyani products and were pleasantly surprised. They were so surprised, in fact, that they became the dream marketing component every company secretly tries to create: an evangelist!

No, not the church kind, but the kind of person who has an amazing experience and then talks and talks and talks and talks and talks about his or her experience to anyone who will listen. Such a person suddenly becomes a problem-detector…

The Best MLM System is Sharing Your Personal Excitement about a Product That Changed Your Life (Not a Business)

“Oh, you have arthritis? Here take this Kyani Nitro FX, Kyani Sunrise and Kyani Sunset and give me your phone number. I want to call you in a week to hear how much better you feel.” “You can’t sleep? I’ve got just the thing for you. Try this Kyani Sunset, you’ve got nothing to lose right? It’s all natural and you’ll sleep like a baby.” “Type II diabetes? Have you ever heard of Kyani Sunrise? Its awesome for blood sugar management and the Kyani Nitro FX will open your circulatory system so that your body can better access the nutrients. You’re going to be blown away!” “You’re into CrossFit? Have you tried Kyani’s Nitro Xtreme? Oh my god, this is going to push you to the next level. You won’t believe it! And then the Kyani Sunset is going to massively reduce inflammation. Try this. I’ll call you in a week.”

mlm-systemSo who would you rather be? The person combing through your high school yearbook trying to pitch a business opportunity to people you really don’t know and probably don’t care to know, or the person with a proven MLM system based upon a product that practically instantly creates results and backed by personal belief and enthusiasm…?

If you want to know how to grow your down line, then it really requires products like Kyani’s and the MLM system converts itself from this abstract, calculated formula into one of relaxed, natural sharing. Sharing is caring, right? The best network marketing systems that work are the ones that genuinely embrace humanity and realize that we all have problems and at the heart of entrepreneurship and capitalism is the desire to help people by solving problems and making life more fulfilling. Excitement about a top network marketing company like Kyani can translate into an MLM online marketing system like this website, but at the end of the day all a site like this does is create an international funnel for my team to reach people all around the world and share Kyani with them.

From our perspective, our MLM system is pretty simple. It doesn’t matter if you are in Mexico, Canada, China, Australia, Thailand or someplace else, our MLM system is the same. If you have a health ailment or want to optimize your health it requires four basic components:

  1. Adequate nutrition – minerals, trace minerals and vitamins in a form that can be 100% absorbed and utilized by your body (Kyani Sunrise)
  2. Circulation – open capillaries and replace oxygen deprived blood with fresh oxygen-enriched blood (Kyani Nitro FX and Kyani Nitro Xtreme)
  3. Reduce Inflammation – omega 3 sockeye salmon fish oil that is virtually mercury free and vitamin E tocotrienols (Dr. Oz’s 2013 Supplement of the year found in the proprietary Kyani Sunset)
  4. Rest and recovery – deep REM sleep is needed for your body to completely repair itself and most people do not get this on a nightly basis (Kyani Sunset)

The process is always the same in our MLM system: listen, share, follow up. If you’re someone who has been afraid of rejection in the past, well in our MLM system it is kind of like being a waiter or a waitress who asks if a customer wants more coffee… If that person says “no” or “no thanks” the waiter or waitress isn’t going to run off and call the suicide hotline, right? Honestly, in our Kyani MLM system for prospecting, you aren’t the one to lose out if the potential customer turns you down. We sincerely believe in the efficacy and effectiveness of the Kyani products so it is actually the other person who is losing out in our MLM system. Perhaps over time, they’ll change their mind, or maybe not. As a Kyani distributor with our Kyani International team, you just keep looking and listening for more opportunities to share Kyani within our MLM system.

We want you to try the Kyani Products before you ever consider joining Kyani as a distributor. If and only if you have a personal, positive experience with the Kyani products do we want you as part of our team because then you can naturally apply our proven MLM system: listen, share, follow up.


Then once you’re already exited about the potential the Kyani products have then you’ll be doubly excited to learn why Kyani’s compensation plan is undeniably the most lucrative comp plan in network marketing.

Buy Kyani Products Online Right Now

This is a totally non-sexy picture of the Kyani supplements that I use every day – I took this photo myself just to show you how Kyani looks in real life. And inside of those unassuming containers is all kinds of powerful, life-changing-super-goodness that you’ve got to try for yourself!




But If You Still Aren’t Convinced about the No-Frills Kyani MLM System…

Keep reading to see what the other network marketing professionals are saying about the best MLM system and what you need to do to be successful in multilevel marketing out there on the world wide web….

MLM Marketing System

For you to become successful in network marketing, you will need to use an online marketing system.

Your marketing system should have the following:

1. Lead capture pages

2. Follow up messages

3. Network marketing training

4. Easy for anyone to use

It is best to use a generic system that allows people to build any network marketing business. It should also have a pay plan associated with it, this will help you build-up an ongoing income, even if your prospects decide not to join your primary MLM business.

It is best to work with a marketing system that has a multi-level pay plan in place to take advantage of leverage.

It should be available to people worldwide, so that you can generate leads for all locations in the world.

There should also be a trial offer in place so that your prospects can test out the system, before they decide to upgrade. There should also be free tools available so that it attracts more leads.

You should be able to customize the follow-up messages to enable you to market your chosen network marketing opportunity. It should also allow you to send out message broadcasts to your prospects to inform them of a new opportunity that you have joined or new marketing tools that you are using.

The marketing system should also be robust enough to handle high volumes of traffic. It should also allow you to view your downline members.

It should allow you to build your own list of prospects, that you can contact freely regarding any opportunity you want.

There should also be powerful videos on the capture pages to generate more leads from the traffic you send to the capture pages.

You should also be able to use tracking to see which of your marketing activity is bringing in the most leads.

A good marketing system is essential for duplication to take place in your MLM downline. You should also be able to market multiple opportunities using it.

It is possible to grow a large global network marketing business using a good online marketing system.

Many MLM entrepreneurs have built-up global networks of thousands of distributors using powerful marketing system that have helped them reduce the work involved.

The advantage of using a generic system is that you have the freedom to contact your leads regarding any opportunity that you wish to. You will not be tied down to your primary mlm opportunity. [Read more]

Best MLM Marketing System

You have surely stumbled upon at least one multi level marketing company, but let’s start from the beginning. What is MLM? Multi level marketing is a strategy where the salespeople gain profit for the sales they generate personally, but they also gain profit from the sales of people they have recruited. The recruits are known under the term “downline”. Why is the MLM marketing system criticized and what is the truth behind such a system?

The MLM marketing system

The MLM marketing system is a method of direct selling. Sometimes network marketing and multi level marketing are used as synonyms. The salespeople in such systems represent the company in question and they sell the products and services. They receive a commission based upon how much of the product they managed to sell and they also get a commission for the sales that were made by their downline. The distributors will build active customer bases or they will recruit downlines of distributors who will then build customer bases. The first ever multi level company was the California Vitamin Company (introduced in 1945, became Nutrilite later on).

Searching for MLM

If you are interested to know more about MLM and which ones are good, you can check out if they have a network marketing blog and you can also try to find a list of top network marketing companies and see what they offer. There has been a lot of criticism of such companies as well, and many are questioning their principles. The problems that arise from such systems include high initial entry cost, very complex compensation schemes and they tend to exaggerate their income claims (this is how many people get hooked – you can potentially earn a lot of money if you are part of their crew), the fact that such companies can make a lot of money from training events or materials as well as the fact that they exploit personal relationships for sales and recruiting purposes. Some of them also encourage, even require from their members to buy and use their products. Of course, not all of them do this, but there is a big number of those who do. The people who are high above will get most of it, while those at the bottom will end up earning very little or not earning at all. Of course, not all recruits can succeed, but there is a problem of whether the company will hire those who will succeed and climb up or those who won’t, but they will still get money from them, as they will buy the products, pay the initial kit and try to sell and earn. Now, a good way to know whether a company has good ratings is finding some reviews or searching for a comparison site where you could see their overall rating.

Best network marketing companies

Multi level marketing companies have their own lobbying group called the Direct Selling Association. They have reported that in 1990, 25% of the members used MLM and the number grew to 77.3% in 1999. The best network marketing companies include Amway, USANA, Nu Skin, Electrolux, Tupperware and Avon. Companies like Herbalife, Advocare, FreeLife, Oriflame, Telecom Plus, Vector Marketing and many more also use the MLM system. [Read more]

A Good Network Marketing Book to Read

Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

MLM Marketing System – Ways You Can Promote Your Business

Are you a network marketer who wants to spread the word about your business? Not sure how you can promote it? Well today, I will be sharing with you an MLM marketing system to promote your business.

At this stage, I highly recommend that you create a simple website to capture leads. Simply put in a form and ask for your leads’ name and email address. You may want to give your leads an incentive to submit their details, so it is a good idea to give them a free report as bait. Once you have that set up, you can start promoting your business by getting people to visit your website, so that you can capture their name and email address.

Conduct Workshops

Now, you can conduct workshops as a form of promoting your business. Well, these need not be formal workshops per se. Have you ever heard of a home party? That’s when a distributor invites people into his house (or maybe his downline’s house) and he conducts live demonstrations of his company’s products and services. At the end of the home party, he exchanges his contact information such as his name card with the guests. This method is rather old school though, since that was how most marketers ran their businesses before the internet came about. Now that you have the internet to play with, you could record a video of the demonstration, or even the entire home party, and post it online, as some kind of online workshop.

Distribute Flyers

Offline marketing still works in this MLM marketing system, so you can go ahead and distribute flyers. Be sure to get the people’s attention with the flyer. It should include an obvious benefit and a specific call to action. This is where you can direct them to visit your website to claim that free report. People want to know what’s in it for them, so you need to ensure that you answer that question within the flyer.

Post Classified Ads

This is quite similar to distributing flyers, except that you can post these classified ads online. Some classified ad directories do not charge a fee for putting up an ad, so do give that a try. Be sure to write an attention grabbing headline because you need to get people’s attention in an instant.

I hope you have learnt something new from my article on this MLM marketing system on how to promote your business. I wish you success in your business endeavors. [Source]


Common Questions About MLM systems

What is MLM (multi level marketing) system? how does it work?

[QUESTION TITLE] What is MLM (multi level marketing) system? how does it work? – Asked on 2012-03-17

[Question] – Multi-Level is just as it sounds – multiple levels of individuals working towards a common goal of creating an income by leveraging thier time. If you tell 5 people who tell 5 who tell 5 and they all decide that what you found is a great way to make money then you are now getting paid by the amount of time 100 people contribute which leverages your time.

Let me break it down into simple terms. Every company needs to move their products and that is usually done through marketing. One form is to pay for advertising and then wait for results from that advertising. They are paying for activity and not results. Another option is to pay a marketing team (MLM) to advertise for them. When they do that then they are paying for results and not activity. They pay no money until their product is sold saving them a ton of money and frustration.

That is where MLM and you come in. You produce results and that company uses that advertising budget to pay you. The bigger the group of PRODUCTIVE marketers you can build, the bigger your check becomes.

Now, the most important part of all, marketing. The amount you can achieve is dependent upon your ability to market and your ability to successfully teach that system to your team. It really does not matter how great the company is or how much they pay, if your marketing stinks then so will your income.

If you look at a company’s retention rate and it is low, it may not necessarily mean that the company is bad. The wrong focus is being taught to the marketing team and I see this all too often. Believe it or not, your success is not dependent on the product or the company – IT’S YOU. If you can master this then you can master the next important ingredient and that is conversions. The higher your conversions, the better your check looks.

If you are considering MLM as a method of creating an income then you really have to consider the strategies you are going to use. Usually when you start with a company, the first thing they say to you is “make a list of everyone you know”. That is the wrong list and it has been responsible for the failure of many good people.

I have been teaching people from many different marketing companies how to become top income earners in their company. and the first thing I have to do is undo the training they received. All my students have higher conversion rates than any of their counterparts in the same company and there is a good reason for that.

I know I have probably been a little long winded here but I hate seeing good people set themselves up for failure before they even get started. If you are offered an opportunity then make sure the person talking to you knows their conversion rates.

In the resource box below I have shared a link that currently sends you a free video series that does a pretty good job at giving you a better understanding of the strategies that will empower you to be successful and how to implement those strategies.

If you have any particular questions then I am just an email away..

I look forward to hearing about your success. [Source]

Personal Belief and MLM Product Enthusiasm is the Most Effective MLM System

Let’s face it, you probably don’t like getting pitched any more than I do… (Well, I kinda like it since NLP comes in handy for dealing with such things like a ridiculous MLM system for prospecting…) but back in the day, I hated it. I was terrified that someone was going to talk me into doing something I really didn’t want to do. An the average, considerate nice person with decent levels of integrity probably shudders to think of yourself as some sort of pyramid scheme con man or con woman out there pitching some crazy MLM system.

But a Considerate, High Integrity Person with Absolute Belief in a Product Like Kyani is the Best MLM System!

Get that? The best MLM system for prospecting is no system at all… Kinda a zen thing, I get it. But if you absolutely believe in what you’re sharing then you don’t really need an MLM system. Its kinda like having a hammer as your only tool – everything looks like a nail…

But with Kyani and our unique MLM system, you’ve got a pretty dang good “hammer” that reduces or completely eliminates those 4 factors linked to most illness, premature aging symptoms and disease. Obviously we can’t say it cures anything or prevents anything because the FDA would be all over us and that’s Big Medicine’s monopoly anyhow. But, we can say:

“Try Kyani for 30 days. It has no known side effects with any prescription drugs. Obviously check with your doctor if you’re following a regimen… But imagine if your symptoms diminished or went away completely, how would your life be different? What would you be doing differently? Would it be worth trying something non-invasive, completely natural and absolutely risk-free? Hey, if you don’t like it or don’t experience any relief just get in touch with the company and get your money back. Kyani offers a 100% money back guarantee on its products so you’ve got nothing to lose. We believe in our products so much that we’ll take all the risk…”

There is no better MLM system for customer prospecting than this… Now instead of pitching some pie-in-the-sky money making scheme, you’re giving a person a chance to test something and prove you wrong. (Humans love to prove each other wrong.) For some people they won’t notice anything, others are too proud to admit noticing a change, some are fearful of how their life might be different now that they did notice a difference using Kyani (we call this ‘secondary gain’ – their problem gives them something more valuable than feeling well would…), and some people can’t help but get excited about what they experienced from using Kyani. These are the ones you want on your team!

No MLM product, no product in general is going to fulfill the needs of 100% of the planet’s population. Most billion dollar industries only cater to a fraction of the population anyways.

The best MLM system now begins to materialize with Kyani.

1. People are naturally curious and many will want to try Kyani when they realize its a risk-free offer (A small risk-free offer is a must-have in any MLM system)

2. A percentage of these people will become customers (The effectiveness of your personal MLM system depends a lot upon demographics and your personal level of believe and enthusiasm. Fear is natural if you’re not used to facing potential rejection, but fortunately you can train yourself to be courageous and rejection (failure) is actually how you become better at most things.)

3. A percentage of your customers won’t be able to shut up 🙂 and they’ll become distributors (Now you’re seeing an MLM system that can be duplicated by your downline. I personally scale down my projections and aim for 1 out of 10 people I share Kyani with to try it. Then 1 out of 10 to become customers. Then 1 out of those 10 to become distributors. More often than not I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be wrong and experience higher conversion rates over time. You might plant the seed in a person’s mind, but sometimes it takes week, months or even years to sprout into action. That’s just nature.)

4. A percentage of your downline distributors will be the ones who generate about 80% of your teams volume (In my team’s MLM system this is the final 1 out of 10 – the team players who contribute the most to the overall MLM system and sales volume. The beauty of it is that anyone can CHOOSE to develop themselves into this person.)

Each person will play within their capacity (their belief system regarding who they perceive themselves to be, how big of a role is possible for them as an individual, and what they perceive to be realistic in general). The goal of a personal development coach and team leader is to break through limiting beliefs, install a mental picture that is so inspiring the person feels compelled forward and beyond the limitations of fear. When you combine this MLM system with products that actually create noticeable effects, it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’ you can help a lot of people improve their health and lives and be compensated doing so.

The first step in our MLM system begins with you – our potential customer – taking advantage of Kyani’s risk-free offer and trying the products. If they don’t work, just ask for your money back. If they do work and you get excited, then contact us and we’ll get you up and running as a distributor.

The Best MLM System begins with You Buying Kyani Products Online Today – Take Advantage of Kyani’s Risk-Free, Money-Back if You Don’t Like It Guarantee






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Kyani products are phenomenal! Order yours right now!

Looking for a solid business opportunity? Join my team and I'll help you promote online in your local area.

If you are already a Kyani distributor on a different team and you want help with business development. Click to join this mailing list



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