Does MLM Online Work Better in Theory than Reality?

It’s actually kind of comical to go search Google or YouTube for “MLM Online“. You’re going to see all kinds of authors, trainers, and MLM hopefuls telling you that if you follow their MLM online strategy or incorporate their MLM online secret ingredient, then you’ll be tremendously successful with MLM online…

Call me a doubting Thomas, but there’s just to0 much wishful thinking regarding most of these MLM online posts. I’ve always been a skeptic but its because I’ve learned from experience that there are no secrets to MLM network marketing success. A one-size-fits-all MLM blueprint doesn’t exist, so I don’t buy into what some MLM trainer is saying about marketing MLM online on his website, then trying to sell you on his or her “virtually effort-free” marketing funnel that will make you have to hire an assistant to answer your phone for you because you’ll be inundated with calls from people who found your MLM online…

Sorry if I just debunked one of those MLM myths – it isn’t easy. Can MLM online be done?


But its going to take a lot more than the average person is expecting. A cute little website with big red text at the top reading:

You’re Going to Fail in MLM Online Unless You Master this One Simple Overlooked Technique that Earned Me $387,419 in the Past 12 Months

Those days have come and gone, and a newbie trying to figure out MLM online isn’t likely to be successful buying some template with this sort of approach. Too many people online have seen this before. They’ve also seen talking heads on YouTube, and the numbers of people who sit down and actually read every-single-word-on-a-page are few and far between just because there is information overload in this day and age.

Nonetheless, there are some hopefuls that MLM online actually does work and it does based upon some important criteria:

  1. Website structure (is your site optimized to be ‘SEO friendly’?)
  2. SEO understanding (this is an ever-changing game)
  3. Brand association (positive, negative, unknown, or indifferent)
  4. Opportunity (is the market saturated?)

But even MLM online goes back to the good old 4 Cs of Marketing:

  1. Commodity – a marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs
  2. Cost – do the perceived costs of buying the product outweigh the perceived costs of not having the product?
  3. Communication – is the marketing message congruent (and will people gain social proof through association with this MLM online product?)
  4. Channel – how effortless is it for the end user to obtain your MLM online product or service

 The Real Truth about MLM Online

Network marketing depends upon rapport, trust, and effort. If you’re involved in multilevel marketing, should you be investing your time trying to figure out MLM online? I personally don’t think so. Here is why: just getting a person to your website is a ton of work. Once they actually manage to find your site, then you have to move them from your cold market into your warm market. Doing MLM online doesn’t mean success unless you’re associated with a product that meets the 4 Cs criteria. Even then, ask yourself, “here I am reading this post on this website and would I instantly decide to join Kyani after visiting this site only once?”

My site even has the social proof that it ranks high for a lot of different words relating to the Kyani products and Kyani business opportunity, but even still to successfully grow this MLM online side of my business it takes a tremendous amount of traffic visiting the site. And, I already know what to do in order to drive traffic to a website because I’ve been doing SEO for nearly 7 years and was able to convert my experience to MLM online activities.

If you don’t believe me, at the time of writing this post, one of the keyword phrases I’m ranking on the first page of Google for is “top network marketing companies” (click here to check my MLM online position on Google I’ve also got to say that these factors can change overnight if Google decides my MLM online efforts aren’t adding value to people searching for MLM online related content.

The Real Secret Why People Want to do MLM Online

You ready for this? I believe people want to do MLM online because it is a buffer against personal rejection. Yes, you read that correctly MLM online reduces the risk of personal rejection. Believe me I know what I’m talking about because I’ve used online marketing for a long time to do the same thing for myself. Sure the upside is you can potentially reach a lot more people from all around the world with an MLM online presence, but at the end of the day have you worked any less, have you had any valuable human interactions with your MLM online efforts, have you developed rapport and trust with MLM online.

Probably not.

You see, MLM online success requires a lot of traffic, a lot of rapport and trust, a congruent brand image, and an intuitive process guiding a person like yourself to contacting someone like me to inquire about the Kyani products and joining Kyani. Is MLM online going to pay off if this is the very first time you’ve been to this Kyani site? Probably not. But as I keep adding value and continue to market this MLM online opportunity there will be people who over time realize there is something unique about me, unique about Kyani and unique about the opportunity. But, first you have to get over the internal objections about who I might be and if this company is really a network marketing opportunity to seriously consider.

Before we get to what the “pros” about MLM online are saying, I want to point out two important considerations:

  • Should you develop an MLM online presence – yes absolutely. Marketing MLM online will cause you to approach your product, opportunity, and identity with more clarity. You’re going to be forced to learn.
  • MLM online should not take the place of your active, in-person prospecting. This is where you really develop as a person and I think that the allure of MLM online opportunities and potential is that it will somehow save your ego from being damaged.

Lastly, regarding MLM online you’ve got to factor in the conversion rates. This MLM online site in the past month has had nearly 20,000 impressions. This means that all across the world people search for MLM online related content have seen this site come up in online search results. Out of those impressions a small fraction of those actually click the link for more information about this MLM online (3-4% clickthrough is considered good by many standards). Out of the hundreds of people looking for MLM online opportunities, a few contact me per week. It is a great machine that is out there doing its thing in the MLM online world, but I still ultimately have to build rapport with people looking at the Kyani business opportunity and evaluate whether or not we can create a win-win opportunity….

This is a lot to consider I know… Let’s look at what other people are saying about MLM online.

Here’s What Some “Pros” Are Saying About MLM Online


These Online MLM Marketing Strategies Are Not Secrets Anymore – Access Them To Become A Top Producer

When I started learning about the power of technology and the internet, and decided to bring my business online, it completely shifted my business development efforts and leveraged my time better than ever. I want you to see the same shift in your business!

I call it: Internet Network Marketing. I feel almost as if the two (The Internet and Network Marketing) were ‘meant to be’ in a way. As you will soon see, they certainly do work well together!

Now let’s talk about how important the Internet will be to Network Marketing and your business going into the future.

The time has come for you to learn how to shift your Network Marketing business into fifth gear! This is not a joke! These are the secrets, and I’m about to give you priceless information. These are the underground, cutting-edge strategies that will propel your business over the finish line first!

Now, without a doubt, the absolute fastest, surest, most powerful way to build your Network Marketing business is to utilize the Internet! Your ability to use the internet to leverage your time is the key.

As I’ve always taught my students, internet marketing is a natural addition to Network Marketing. Internet marketing is simply a way to connect with thousands more people, bringing them leadership and a valued relationship, and lead them into MLM. MLM is based on the very same principles!

While you may not always know who to talk to or how to get more contacts offline, internet marketing develops your business so that people start looking for YOU. Then you do the same things you’ve always done: influence, lead, sell, and promote.

So, this is where promotion is a skill that transcends internet marketing. This goes across network marketing. It is the highest paid skill in the world, and if you know how to promote, you can make unlimited income utilizing the internet and cutting edge online strategies, especially if you know how to move people and get them to take action! These are literally the most powerful MLM strategies existing today.

Technology (the internet) has caught up with the shift in people’s values to make Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses primed to boom as we speak! Some quick statistics for you are that 4.5 million people come online every day looking for ways to earn extra income, and 150,000 people start their own business each and every day.

They all want time freedom, they want a lifestyle, and they want to work from home. The internet allows for this to be a reality. When you use the internet and learn the strategies I teach to generate endless leads in multiple different avenues, and in many different ways, you will literally be building relationships with hundreds, even thousands of people all at the same time on complete auto-pilot. Now I obviously can’t share everything with you in this article, but just to name a few strategies that I am talking about here, you can see the list below:

These strategies include: Article and content marketing, Yahoo Pay-Per-Click, YouTube, Hubpages, Squidoo, Google AdWords, eBay, Blogging, Forums, Listbuilders, EzineArticles, Twitter, Facebook, Classifieds, MySpace, Backpage, Craigslist, and lots more.

Your personal business strategy should be to efficiently build your MLM business and profit as quickly as possible, driving tons of qualified traffic to your highly converting websites, so that you can build relationships and monetize your list by implementing these tools and strategies.

This business will ALWAYS be a business built on relationships. When you have this many relationships, you will personally sponsor more people in one month than you probably did all last year. Today all of the top Network Marketers build their business by implementing the marketing strategies of the 21st century. [Read more]

Grow Your MLM Using Network Marketing Online

Network marketing opportunities offer people the chance to make a living, build relationships and discover more about today’s marketing environment. The business model structure can span the range of simplistic to complex. This post includes several questions that an individual ought to get answered before selecting a specific network marketing opportunity.

Take your network marketing online. Many networkers are not setting up an online marketing system, and this really is hurting them badly.

Connect with prospects everyday, and build relationships with networkers in other network marketing opportunities. Maintaining relationships with these networks gives you access to techniques, support and valuable information.

One of the hardest tips to know is the fact that you have to expect that some individuals will say, “No.” It isn’t personal, it is business and in sales if you ever let, “No,” get to you, then you’ll have a short-lived sales and networking business.

Do not sign up a lead when you first meet them. Instead, arrange a second meeting, either face-to-face or on the telephone. Only spend 20 minutes with them when you get together initially, afterwards leave them with the info and ask them to set up the next appointment so you can talk about it further. If they do not feel pressured, it’ll make it easier for them decide.

Monitoring your network is crucial. If you see a team member under-performing, ask them if they need help or guidance. If and when anyone drops off, maybe they just need some motivation to get back on track. You will want to mentor people to make sure they know how to make a profit.

There’s an old adage that says “for each one, teach one”. This reminds us to teach people what we learn. You will want to mentor others so they can successfully build their business.

Networking entails a lot of info and a lot of studying. Attempt to learn while you’re relaxed so that the information registers. Get the very best audio books, and listen to them while you drive or do household chores.

Take regular breaks! Your activities when you are building network marketing online mean you will be in front of a computer monitor for hours daily. Staring at a monitor daily to work on our network marketing opportunities can strain our eyes. So, remember to take your eyes off the screen at least once an hour and attempt to glance out the window at some thing far away. Relax your eyes until every thing goes blurry. Allow your eyes to rest for a couple of minutes then get back to work.

When attempting to manage and build network marketing opportunities, always stay positive. By maintaining the right mental attitude, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything. Things may always go as planned, just don’t give up. It’s all a learning experience. View your setbacks as a positive thing for future good results.

Set a schedule and adhere to it. Know exactly what you will do with the time you have allotted for your business before starting. Then use that time as you’ve scheduled it. If you follow this, your business should run a lot smoother and effectively. Set times for checking your e-mail and social media networks.

Make sure you’re sticking with a niche market and advertise to those individuals. They are much more likely to respond to your advertising message and join your network.

In order to succeed in any network marketing opportunities, you will need to listen to and learn from your mentors. This industry is structured to motivate sponsors to want to help their team. You should find them willing to mentor you. You just need to be open to learning, listening and following.

Use Skype or Ning to chat and connect with your team. This will help them to connect with each other, also. Offering a “virtual” location where they can go for guidance and support is a great idea that helps everybody. It could be a great motivating tool, as well. People will support each other and share their successes.

While building network marketing opportunities requires a minimal investment (compared to many other types of business), you will need to reinvest some of your profits in your business. For instance, you will need to invest in sustaining relationships with network leaders and mentors via social functions like dinners. It’s also essential to continue studying and keeping current on the latest techniques and strategies by going to paid seminars and events. So, be willing and prepared to reinvest in the network marketing opportunities.

The business arena might move quickly, but some things do need time, and you must become patient. Don’t get upset if things are not moving as fast as you would like. This really is especially true of your start-up months.

Know that the most effective networking businesses succeeded once they were treated like a business. To succeed, you will need to dedicate your time and energy to expanding the business and achieving sustainable earnings.

The above post discussed concerns people should address before contemplating network marketing opportunities. Network marketing online provides people with the opportunity to earn money for little financial investment. Choose your network marketing opportunities wisely. [Read more]
Maybe Read this Book about MLM Online?

The Secrets to Succeeding in Network Marketing Offline and Online: How To Achieve Financial Success Selling Network Marketing Products And Services

Want to learn MLM Leads Generation Techniques,Can any MLM marketing expert plz help?

[QUESTION TITLE] Want to learn MLM Leads Generation Techniques,Can any MLM marketing expert plz help? – Asked on 2010-03-25

[Question] – MLM Lead generation OR MLM marketing expert plz help in for MLM leads generating techniques learning.Any Internet Marketer expert suggestion are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

[Answer 1] – Hello dear,
For learning any techniques or tricks you need to do a hard work, if anyone wants to be an expert in any particular field or area than he OR she need to do a very hard work for success.
But Only hard work not often be fruitful if not supported by experts or experienced persons, so if one really wants 100% success than he or she should consult to an expert of the same field.
YOu will see a many of coaching or training insitutes there in New York or in the surrounding area where you are living but you need to visit only some reputed persons in this MLM field.
As I have got a lot of help and very good training, so i would like to tell you about this MLM training insitute. its

I am pretty impressed by posts there on sites, I could not stop myself by mentioning them here in my answer..…

Ans for effective MLM tips, this one is very good…

For Successful marketing…

And Now one of the most important post…

I think i have answered your question perfectly.

Apart from the above infromation, i will also give you the concerned contact no too. :

[Answer 2] – These days all businesses love MLM leads for making money. MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) leads are business opportunity leads, these are high quality, opt-in, fresh, responsive, cost effective, real time leads, free, genealogy, targeted and local leads.

MLM leads are generated, you need to improve overall conversion rates and quality of leads by adjusting the entire opt-in process through the eyes of your prospects. Your job is to understand what your prospects want and to help them get it.

In Multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing (direct selling or referral marketing), the business owner recruits other independent distributors into his or her network. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation in the form of a pyramid.

You can search on Google and you can discover the best “MLM Leads Generation Techniques”.

[Answer 3] – There are plenty of online and offline techniques. You can generate leads just about anywhere it really is about building relationships. If your looking to do something locally you can join networking groups that help each other with business. Which I have found success at. You can also generate leads online various different ways whether it be facebook, myspace, twitter or something else. I use a system that has a free weekly webinar that teaches you both intenet marketing with affiliate products and how to generate leads both offline and on. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

Good Luck

[Answer 4] – I have been involved in internet marketing and the whole idea of having to generate leads. There are 2 methods that I have discovered that seem to be getting great reviews because of their success and low cost. Both are systems that will give you targeted traffic for any MLM business, home base business, or even any affiliate marketing program.

The first method literally scrapes the internet to supply you with targeted leads of people looking for what you have to offer. The second is similar in that you will enter the type of market that you wish to target and because of the program, you will be sent the targeted traffic. I do know of a few more types of programs that are neither expensive nor complicated. Most of all they work and the end result is that you will get the traffic that you desire. No scam, no bull.

[Answer 5] – Hello – MLM Lead Generation Techniques
are very much effective to promote your business online. In Multi Level Marketing OR MLM lead generation one is need to emphasis on how a lead can be converted in a useful income resource. From my point of view i thinks its MLM Lead Generation and the techniques used for this are numerous.

[Answer 6] – MLM leads or MLM Leads Generation are comprised of the business owner of business or any one in his friend circle or friends network. From which or by the reference of any medium visitors are converted into desired result or desired resource for them.Its known as Multi Level Marketing- MLM lead generation.

[Answer 7] – Good question dear
For more help in MLM Leads Generation Techniques learning you can also see my question…

[Answer 8] – Learn from the best in the industry. You really want to check out these videos.
MLM Recruiting Made Easy. How a 26 Year Old
Waiter Built a $250,000 MLM Biz in 4 Months.

[Answer 9] – Its rocking now a days, every one wants to know about MLM lead generation [Source]

Tim Ferriss on Mastering Any Skill and How it Relates to MLM Online and Offline

Ferriss brings up an interesting point in this video about being the messenger. People want to accept the messenger first and then they’ll consider the company. This is what can be somewhat difficult about MLM online. You might find that you have to promote yourself, the individual, before promoting the network marketing business opportunity. That can take a lot of time, effort and objective self-evaluation.

The bottom line is the MLM online can be advantageous if you already grasp SEO, website design, social media marketing and these other factors. Then you can probably run out there and with some hard work build a site that ranks for important keywords. MLM online success isn’t going to happen overnight and it is a fairly saturated marketplace for business opportunities. So you’re going to have to find a company like Kyani that allows you to lead with the product; has a high quality exclusive product; has undeniably one of the best compensation plans in the industry; and, has not yet reached market saturation.

If I’ve piqued your interest about Kyani, then contact me and we can figure out if Kyani is a fit for you and how you might go about promoting the Kyani MLM online. Keep this question in the back of your mind, because I feel that network marketing is based upon high trust relationships and those take a long time to develop if you are trying to market a MLM online.

My challenge to you is – are you using MLM online to hide from the reality that prospecting in-person can be painful?