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Kyani is a personal development opportunity that pays great commissions. When I was in my early 20s I had my first experience with multilevel marketing. I saw the financial opportunity and was promoting unique products that solved problems and so I got on the phone and started calling friends and family. Little did I know that people would be so hostile when presented with my new business opportunity. These were people that I had known for years. In fact, I even called the high school basketball coach to try to present my products to his team. His response was,” so… Michael… this is what you’re doing now. I thought you had more potential.” [Silence]

That was probably the hardest response as I was just a few years out of high school and the opinions of other people that I grew up with were still powerful at that point in my life. A few people, mostly family members, were nice enough to sit down and listen to my pitch but that was about it. The entire experience was short-lived but it had a powerful effect on my life as in many ways it prepared me to become an entrepreneur because what I saw were many people who had bought into a profession or a career and were terrified of having possibly made the wrong decision for their financial futures. What I also found was that at the heart of it, the biggest objection was “I don’t want to have to sell…”

I believe that learning how to sell, learning to manage objections, and helping others make empowering decisions is part of the person development path. Regardless of whether or not you’re an artist, a writer, a business owner, employee, health professional or whatever you maybe you had to sell someone on the idea that you are qualified to do the job. Selling is an unavoidable part of life and the sooner you learn how to do it and the more you can practice it the more clarity you will live with… Often the only thing that needs to happen is for you to get out of your own way, manage your limiting beliefs, and begin taking action now.


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