People are Asking about a Kyani Fraud …

There are 3 sturdy tests for pyramid systems and many people do not know regarding this which is among the reasons why people which have been lately exposed to Kyani are asking if there is a Kyani rip-off.

1. Are folks being paid to recruit various other members as opposed to sell items?

2. There is no product being marketed; or the item is overinflated beyond similar items being retailed.

3. Are sales being focused upon new members or is the emphasis of sales on feasible prospects without the necessity of them signing up with business chance.

Below is just what others are stating concerning the expected Kyani rip-off:

“Kyani Rip-off?”

Kyani looks like a brand-new internet marketing company, however they showed up on the setting in 2005. Lately, they broadened Worldwide too. The business and the Kyani Device seem poised to take the Multi Level Marketing world by hurricane. This short article will reveal if Kyani and the featured blueberry product, will certainly make you abundant, or just make you “blue”.

Based from Idaho Falls, Idaho, the business was regally funded by 2 Idaho households. Actually, rumor has it that the business had a support of 300 million bucks before it was ever before introduced!


That sort of money discusses why Kyani is taking off so fast. Noise financial backing is CRITICAL to the success of any sort of network marketing business.

The primary market for the business products are health aware baby boomers. They supply one more in a lengthy line of “muscle-bound” juices and Omega-3 supplements.

Nothing new.

The business does have an one-of-a-kind “twist” on the berry juice because their product is originated from blueberries. That source is a first as for I understand. These are no normal blueberries, rather they are Alaskan wild blueberries. These mega-nutritious little guys are the “Extraordinary Hulks” of the berry family!

It appears all those hard Alaskan winters have actually triggered these blueberries to grow thicker skins. The skins are packed with “atomic powered” anti-oxidants, which describes the relative health and wellness and durability of Alaska’s indigenous folks.

Kyani additionally offers a product abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids originated from Alaskan Sockeye salmon. Heart healthy, to claim the least!

The creators of the Kyani Device are the business co-founders, Michael Breshears and Cock Powell. Both of these gents are experienced in a variety of business endeavors, aside from huge Multi Level Marketing encounter. The company seems quite supplier “friendly”, supplying numerous training telephone call possibilities and all over the country conferences and occasions.

The price of acquiring entailed has two alternatives. The starter package expenses 95.00 and permits an individual to buy the items wholesale, and sell them at retail. With this option, distributors could not take advantage of the Kyani Device, and the multi level marketing possibility.

In order to make use of the 3X7 required matrix compensation strategy, the tariff runs 495.00. For that cash you receive a business organizer and a variety of items. The plan showcases coordinating bonus offers that make it eye-catching to a brand-new distributor. The appeal of the 3X7 matrix is it provides no breakaways. The legs essentially go on to infinity. Merely for great step, when a representative reaches the “Executive” degree, they are qualified to drive a paid for Cadillac Escalade!

To conclude, the Kyani Device is definitely far from a fraud. In fact, the company appears very solid both economically and in terms of the administration team. Kyani appears to have a really acceptable company “culture” that offers great support to the representative. The juice is not inexpensive, balancing in between 55.00-75.00 for a 32oz supply. The testimonials for the items are outstanding, which would certainly make them well worth the investment. It behaved to listen to that numerous have actually benefited from the items offered.FKyani-Review—Is-the-Kyani-System-a-Scam%3F%26id%3D1591357″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>[Read more]

Third Party Kyani Review: Kyani Scam And Should You Join?

Because Kyani sells nutritional products, it is participating in the Health & Wellness Industry. If you are reading this review from the perspective of someone who is thinking about joining, it is important to know that the Wellness Industry, according to experts, is predicted to be the next billion dollar industry. And, while this alone will not guarantee that you will be successful, it’s good to know that you’ll be involved in a growing industry rather than one that is declining. One of the biggest reasons that the Health Industry is growing so fast is because the Baby Boomers are hitting their 60s and are looking for health-related products to help them feel and look younger. This Baby Boomer section of the population is where Kyani focuses their marketing.

Kyani was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Kyani co-founders are made up of three very successful Idaho families (the Powells, Hansens and the Taylors). It’s rumored that these three families were able to fund Kyani with their own cash, to the tune of $300 million. With that kind of backing, it’s easy to see how Kyani has been able to grow in such a quick manner. On top of that, CEO Michael Breshears, who is leading the company has a tremendous background in business, is active with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has taken other companies to $200 million. It’s also important to note that the founders, along with Breshears, really have a long-term vision for the company, which is to grow Kyani to a multi-million dollar giant in the network marketing industry.

Kyani is currently privately held and is doing business in several markets, including North America, Asia and Europe. While the company was originally founded in 2005, it wasn’’t until 2008 that company started to gain momentum, largely because it shifted it’s focus and started to proactively go after seasoned network marketers to bring on-board. This has resulted in a tremendous spike in revenue for the company.

The Kyani Products

While most nutritional companies sell hundreds of products, Kyani’s sales force only has to focus on marketing three products. The three nutritional products are:

1. Kyani Sunrise – A nutritional beverage made with Wild Alaskan blueberries, which are said to be one of the greatest sources of antioxidants.
2. Kyani Sunset – An omega-3 capsule made from the oils of Alaskan salmon.
3. Nitro FX – A noni-based, nitric oxide product that is said to defend and repair every cell of the body, aid in blood flow and increase overall energy.

While there are many people who swear by these products, it’s important to do your due diligence on them and read some of the research on the products. With that said, the Kyani Medical Advisory Board includes three very distinguished doctors that have extensive knowledge on the power of nitrix oxide, the antioxidant potency of Alaskan blueberries and tocotrienols, one of the key components of Kyani Sunset.

The Pay Plan

You can get started in Kyani three different ways, with enrollment fees ranging from $160 to $1,250. Besides the cost of your start-up, you should also note that there is a monthly back office fee and a monthly auto-ship for your product.

The major theme of Kyani’s compensation plan is the ability to build long-term residual income through distributor auto-ship. But there also several other ways you can get paid including: Matching checks, Fast Start Bonuses, Sponsor Bonuses, Leadership Pools, Car Program and Incentive Trips.

The majority of the company’s growth is from distributors marketing their business offline with home meetings and hotel presentations. There isn’t much of a platform do to a lot inf internet marketing, so as long as you’re OK with contacting your friends and family, or putting together your own capture pages, you should be OK with their model.

There is a support structure in place with several weekly conference calls and a quarterly convention. However, because the company is so young, there is a big chance that you won’t have much local support. And while opening up a new city might look attractive, you won’t have the benefit of having weekly meetings or local leaders to help you do live presentations.

What about the Kyani Scam?

There’s no Kyani scam. It’s a growing company that has a tremendous amount of funding and has a good management team leading the company. It also provides a lucrative pay plan for distributors, as well as a quality product to market.So if you are looking for a nutritional network marketing business, Kyani may be the solution for you.

However, simply joining a company like Kyani will not guarantee you success. Unless you can generate an endless flow of leads, you’ll be dead in the water. My advice is to use a marketing system that can accomplish these two things at the same time. If you can accomplish this, there’s a good chance that you will be on the path to building a wildly successful Kyani business. [Read more]

Does anyone have any info on Kyani?

[QUESTION TITLE] Does anyone have any info on Kyani? – Asked on 2011-04-14

[Question] – Just curious, if anyone (doctors or other health professionals) has or has had any experience with it. I’m trying to find out as much as I possibly can about it.

[Answer 1] – Many people believe it is a scam. [Source]

Legit Jobs Online — Help please!?

[QUESTION TITLE] Legit Jobs Online — Help please!? – Asked on 2008-05-14

[Question] – I’m sure this job as been asked a million or even billion times but are there really any online jobs that have no start up cost and that can actually make me some money . I’ve been laid off at my current job for over a month and i’m in need of finding a new one and with no jobs out there for me . I thought i’d give a shot at online jobs. I don’t want to spend any money so if anyone has a few sites or ideas for me please let me know thanks !!!

[Answer 2] – Try Kyani, please visit at

Good luck. [Source]

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Kyani products are phenomenal! Order yours right now!

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