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Curious about Joining One of the Top MLM Health Companies?

Are you looking for a top MLM company to promote without having to worry whether or not doing so will ruin your reputation? This is a serious concern for people trying to sort through the top MLMs. Ultimately, everyone has a unique decision-making process, but when you are attempting to choose between top MLMs, I see three main criteria for evaluation:

  1. MLM Product / Service Efficacy – Does the product or service deliver the goods? Does it work? Is it more effective than the competition and priced competitively. Do you get more in value from the product or service than the cost you paid?
  2. Top MLM Compensation Plan – Is the MLM compensation plan realistic? How many products do you have to sell, how many people do you need to recruit to your downline in order to reach your income goals? Are there recurring sales? What is the downline structure (binary, unilevel, stair-step breakaway, forced matrix, or something unique)?
  3. Financial Stability – Poorly conceived products, low quality products, poorly designed comp plans, bad image, bad press, unhappy customers and distributors can make it difficult for MLMs to stay competitive. Top MLMs tend to have solid financial backing and experienced leadership teams. One indicator regarding top MLMs financial stability is to ask yourself this question “If it wasn’t for the ‘business opportunity’ would I be using the products and telling others about the products…?”

Out of the Top MLM Companies in the World, Kyani is Unique

The Kyani Health Triangle is a unique, holistic approach to the nutraceutical industry. The Kyani Health Triangle is a proprietary blend of all natural super foods that serve to repair, maintain and defend your body. Kyani’s products provide additional support by supplying the nutrients and minerals our diets lack in a manner that ensures optimal uptake of the nutrients.

Kyani Has What the Rest of the Top MLMs are Missing…

The Kyani PayGate is not a unilevel, binary, forced matrix, or stair-step breakaway it is truly unique MLM network marketing compensation plan.

This compensation plan is based on building three teams or legs. Distributors may build as many legs as desired. You are rewarded as your CV, or commissionable volume in each of your teams increase. Unlike other compensation plans you are paid on all legs. There are no structural requirements within each leg. This pay plan uses a sponsorship and placement team.

There are 4 basic components to the Kyani PayGate:

  1. A customer program that pays 20-30% commission on customer purchases
  2. Team bonuses for recruiting downline distributors
  3. The Kyani Paygate Accumulator – 12 paygates with up to 9 legs for commission on team sales volume
  4. Generational check-matching on up to 9 generations of distributors in your downline

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Stop Looking for the Top MLMs and Realize You’ve Found One!

The best way to know if Kyani is the top MLM for you and your network marketing aspirations is to try the Kyani products and discover for yourself how Kyani makes a difference!