Motivated Learner Looking for the Best High Integrity MLM Opportunity?

If you are looking for an MLM home business opportunity, then you’ve just come across the best new MLM company in the marketplace.

Maybe you’re completely new to network marketing or multilevel marketing, or perhaps you’re a seasoned MLM pro… either way one of the most important factors when considering any MLM opportunity is to choose a company with products or services you 100% believe in…

There are countless scams, gimmicks, pyramids, and mediocre companies out there declaring that they’re one of the hottest MLM opportunities in 2013…

Nothing Steals the Sizzle Off a Hot MLM Opportunity Like…

Yep. You’ve heard it before…

“All you need to do is sign up your aunt for this once in a lifetime MLM opportunity and she’ll sign up her neighbor and her friends at bingo… and then get your little cousin in on this MLM opportunity. Yes, the one who just graduated college and can’t find a job. He needs something to do… What about the product? What do you mean ‘What about the product?’ Selling those MLM products is how I… I mean… you… we get paid! People are going to spend their money anyways, it might as well be on what you’re selling, right?”

I’d prefer to get hit by a bus over hearing one more network marketing pitch about how if you get one person who gets another person and both of those people turn into four and they get four more we’ll be millionaires! It’s especially bad when that person starts drawing on a napkin or a whiteboard… Oh god save us.


I Wasn’t Looking for an MLM Opportunity

Seriously. I heard about Kyani a couple of years ago and totally blew it off. I was never really pitched on the Kyani MLM opportunity because the friend who introduced me to Kyani hates it when that is done to him. Besides he knew it wouldn’t work on me anyways. Fortunately for me though, this friend was pretty persistent and finally shared a Kyani 7-Day Trial Pack with me. After the 3rd night, there was no MLM opportunity schpeel needed. I was a believer.

For the first time in I can’t remember how long I slept like a baby all night long. No waking up to go to the bathroom. No outdoor sounds waking me up like what usually happened. I dreamed all night long.

When my eyes finally opened, my first thought was, “Man, I feel great!!!!”

My almost instantaneous second thought was, “Crap! I’m late!” And, I rolled over to look at the clock.

It was 6:30 a.m. and my alarm was set for 7 a.m. I had gone to bed around 11:30 p.m. and had literally just had the best night’s sleep ever. I felt like I had somehow slept for 10 or 12 hours and my mind was crystal clear. No need for coffee to clear the normal cobwebs.

Well, anymore its difficult to say that was the best night’s sleep since they are all great once I started using Kyani Sunset on a regular basis. Kyani Sunset is effective on its own but it is the most effective when combined with the rest of the Kyani Health Triangle. Remember, if you’re reading this and maybe a little curious about what it might be like to test run Kyani Sunset, it is about twice as effective when combined with Kyani Nitro FX or Kyani Nitro Xtreme to safely enhance your circulation and ensure that the Kyani Sunset wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon omega 3 fish oils and proprietary Vitamin E Tocotrienols (ahemmmm, Dr. Oz’s 2013 supplement of the year…) are completely absorbed into your blood stream.

Listen, I’ve used a lot of supplements because they were supposed to be good for me. These are the only one that I absolutely, undeniably (swear with my hand a Bible) make a noticeable difference. If it didn’t there’s no way in hell I’d attach my reputation to Kyani.

The Real MLM Opportunity Shares Itself Through Enthusiasm About the Product

If you’re going to be successful in any business it is going to require work. Especially in network marketing. There’s no security blanket and no automatic paycheck. It really comes down to you as the individual and your enthusiasm about a solution that really works.

This is where Kyani differentiates itself. The Kyani products create evangelists and believers. No product pushing, no once in a lifetime MLM opportunity pitches, no scarcity time sensitive offers. Simply this:

“Kyani has worked tremendously for my [physical ailment or symptom] and there’s a chance you’ll get some relief. Here try this trial pack or order a month’s worth and see how you feel. If it doesn’t work, ask for your money back. Kyani comes with a risk-free 100% money back guarantee. It would be crazy to pass that up, wouldn’t it?”

Is that a sales pitch? Well maybe, but then so is telling someone to take an aspirin because it works for you (except the drug store is going to tell you to take a hike if the aspirin doesn’t relieve your headache and you want your money back).

Can I Promote Kyani with 100% Integrity?

Well, let me put it another way. If you aren’t a high integrity individual, then I don’t want you on my team. Besides the only real reason you’d decide to promote the Kyani MLM opportunity anyway is if you noticed that the Kyani products are very effective. I mean… do you have any idea how difficult it is to sell junk in this day and age of instant information? Why waste your time?

The best and pretty much the only way to know if you want to take advantage of the Kyani MLM opportunity in your part of the world is to try the products for yourself. It is a risk-free decision. The same 100% money back guarantee you’ll be helping your future customers feel comfortable about as they are considering buy the Kyani products just like you are right now.



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Kyani Review – Network Marketing Opportunity

Kyani is the latest network marketing opportunity to launch in the health and wellness based industry. Here is a simple review of the product, the business and the opportunity with new network marketing program.

Kyani is the latest network marketing opportunity to launch from within the ever growing health and wellness industry. The cost to join and partner with the opportunity will vary depending on the products ordered by the individual. This of course will be based on a recurring order system in which the individual member, their customers and members could be part of.

The product is based on 3 unique products all contrived from the highly potent Alaskan Blueberry. The products begin with a juice supplement called Kyani Sunrise to be taken with breakfast each and every morning. Next would be the Kyani Sunset which are gel tabs with three taken orally around the individual user’s dinner time would be. The final product is the Kyani Nitro FX. This particular product is also a liquid where 1 to 2 ml. orally is to be taken each day at any time.

The opportunity is based on a very conventional and typical compensation plan used in the network marketing industry. The members compensation will be based upon a CV or, commission volume based on sales by the member themselves and those that are recruited by them in the opportunity. The commission structure is based on a three leg tier system as well as a bonus structure that will include fast start bonuses and other incentives. This will take a large downline to truly create a solid and residual income and it is also best to complete your due diligence with the compensation plan.

Kyani in review, is a legitimate network marketing opportunity with a viable product as more and more individuals look for a healthier lifestyle and habits. This industry however does come with a fairly high attrition rate usually due to lack of true sponsoring, mentoring and coaching. For those looking to effectively build their business with Kyani should consider online marketing as this is a solid way to build and drive the traffic needed to grow this particular type of opportunity.

It is best to always complete your due diligence before joining any network or multilevel marketing program, business or opportunity making sure that the commission plan is understood. While it is considered a good thing to jump in front of a new wave in this particular industry, it will be through your efforts and knowledge of effective marketing that could allow you to find success with the Kyani opportunity. [Read more]

A Close Look At The Kyani MLM Opportunity

Kyani is based around the use of blueberries. Found within the Alaskan Tundra, they have formulated products based around the antioxidant properties of this fruit. However, there is also a trace of salmon oil that is utilized to produce products for anyone to build a healthier lifestyle. These are just two of the many ingredients found in Kyani Sunrise and Kyani Sunset.

Once you make your way to the Kyani opportunity page, you will find 8 different ways to earn money through the company. Whether it’s the Paygate Accumulator, Recruiting Bonus, Generation Check Match, Customer Bonus, Retail Bonus, Customer Pool, Car Program, and Rank Bonuses. Each one of them can help you reach financial freedom. Utilizing each one of these streams of income can maximize your overall money making abilities.

We recommend taking the time to understand each scenario. While we would take the time to explain it here, chances are it would be more difficult to understand. The Kyani opportunity is based upon several ways to earn money, as well as take advantage of the products for a healthier you. After all, when you join a company like this one, using the products and having personal testimonials for others will be important.

So what does Kyani Sunrise offer? Due to everyday life, vitamin supplements are just not what they used to be. The fast paced world we live in today keeps us from staying healthy. When you add this product to your daily regimen, you will notice a huge difference in the way you live. Whether its heart health, stress management, immune system help, energy boosts or various other benefits, you get all of them within the Kyani Sunrise.

Now, the Kyani Sunset is where you will get your Tocotrienols and Wild Alaskan Salmon oil. Healthy doses of these will help with your cardiovascular health, cholesterol, inflammation, blood sugar levels, cognitive function, healthy skin, hair, and several other benefits. When taken in combination this will promote unbelievable benefits according to their site.

Also, if you live in North America, Mexico, Europe, Japan or Asia, you can join the Kyani MLM opportunity. When you click on the Join link, you will be taken to two choices. You can either become a part of the business, just be a preferred customer, or even both. The decision will be yours, but once you see everything offered, it might be the right choice for you.

Remember; always take the time to do your research. There are many parts to the Kyani MLM opportunity we haven’t gone over, so be sure to visit their site and see everything for yourself. Oh, and be sure to check out the rewards area, as well as the team area to get a glimpse of the people behind the scenes. [Read more]

The Kyani Opportunity

Kyäni Business Owners Are Creating True Residual Income Doing What They Love To Do… Sharing a Solution

If you have been looking for an MLM opportunity and are open to a new way to be an entrepreneur, then I sincerely believe that Kyani has created the best MLM opportunity in the marketplace. The products are hands-down unbeatable. The highest quality ingredients are used and Kyani offers proprietary blends that no other company can offer. There is no inventory to manage or storefront to keep. As a person considering this MLM opportunity it really comes down to you trying the products, experiencing a difference and sharing your enthusiasm. Obviously this can take many different forms as you share the Kyani products and as a by-product of your belief and passion inspire others to join you in this MLM opportunity.

There is an important distinction to make and you see these from the top down in terms of the top distributors with Kyani. Many of them were completely uninterested in network marketing until they had a personal experience that demonstrated the Kyani products make a difference in a person’s health, and then the Kyani MLM opportunity makes a difference in a person’s wealth if they are willing to treat it like a serious business. But maybe I should take that back… A “serious business” has the connotation of being all work and no fun. Its actually fun sharing Kyani with people. Success in the Kyani MLM opportunity follows a simple formula: listen for problems that the Kyani products address, share the Kyani products, and ask if they want more. Some will, some won’t but those who want more will probably be making a mental list of all the people they want to share Kyani with. And, that is the beauty of this MLM opportunity: the more you share Kyani, the quicker it grows through word of mouth. Kyani truly is a tremendous MLM opportunity and if you’re reading this then it could be the right time in your life to take a tiny leap forward and test this MLM opportunity to discover if Kyani is the MLM opportunity I believe it to be.

First Try Kyani and Then Decide if Kyani is What You’ve Been Looking For…

You have a risk-free opportunity to try Kyani. We have distribution centers in over 50 different countries and you don’t have to deal with customs or delayed shipping. You should expect your package to arrive in less than a week and you’re completely protected by the Kyani 100% money back guarantee. I can’t think of a better MLM opportunity and this MLM opportunity is one that puts the customers and distributors first in terms of a highly effective product that is of the highest quality and an offer that someone would be crazy to pass up.