You Might Be Wondering if That Kyani Multilevel Network Marketing Company is a Scam…

Absolutely not! Kyani is a legitimate network marketing company that offers proprietary products of unrivaled quality.

Kyani is a multilevel network marketing company, but it is certainly not an MLM scam.

Many people are aware of business network marketing endeavors that have people excited about signing you up to be a new MLM business owner… and, oh by the way, you get to sell these really cool products AND the multilevel network marketing company to someone you know.

No wonder people instantly act strange when the words like multilevel network marketing pop out.

Kyani is a legitimate multilevel network marketing company that creates revenues through product sales. Near the bottom of this article, you will find a critical video that holds within it the network marketing information you need in order to decided whether or not a network marketing company is a legitimate multilevel network marketing business or a pyramid scheme.

multilevel-network-marketingThe answer really comes down to whether or not the network marketing company accomplishes the following criteria. It is a legitimate multilevel network marketing company if it:

  1. Sells more of its products to customers than to its distributors – this answers whether or not the multilevel network marketing company is in the business of selling products for actual use or products to sell a multilevel network marketing business opportunity.
  2. Causes the end recipient to receive more value than the cost of the products – this is qualitative and emotional but for a multilevel network marketing company to be successful it must create value that is higher than its product price.

Let’s examine what people are saying about multilevel network marketing companies and what the pros and cons are of the multilevel network marketing industry.

Common MLM Business – Network Marketing Questions

Multilevel Network Marketing Is Legitimate Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Did you ever consider in getting involved in MLM? There are more people being more open to build additional income streams or residual income. It is a good time to get started in the multilevel network marketing industry during the recession at this time, and it is getting a lot worse since the Great Depression.

Multilevel marketing is basically is being compensated not only for sales they have generated, but also for the sales of others they had recruited. They create a downline of marketers and have a hierarchy of different levels of compensation plans. Many critics say that most multilevel network marketing companies are pyramid schemes in the strategies the way the companies do business with potential consumers through word of mouth advertising.

Before deciding if MLM is really a legitimate home-based business opportunity or just a pyramid scheme you need to do your due diligence beforehand. You want to make sure they are a real company, and that you can start making profits in multi level marketing or not. Therefore, I have written a few guidelines and checklist that are crucial in looking for a legitimate multilevel network marketing opportunity. You want to figure out if you can do business in MLM that you can potentially start making monthly residual checks and have the financial freedom that you always wanted.

Network Marketing Due diligence:

Beware of the high startup costs that may or may not be worth your time. A low MLM startup investment are usually legitimate multilevel network marketing companies. Pyramid scheme that tries to pressure to pay an enormous amount of money to become a marketer. Those companies usually scam people out of their money signing up new recruits; You should take clear of those pyramid schemes.

Legit multilevel network marketing companies usually require you to purchase inventory or get into autoship if you want to be compensated. Nevertheless, you should stick with companies that buy backs your inventory at a minimum in want you had paid for. Consumable MLM Companies definitely wants to get you into the autoship if you’re serious about the business.

So stay away from companies that are only making their money just by recruiting alone. This is what is called a pyramid scheme because they aren’t selling a product or service. They are focused more on recruiting and their sales volumes to get people involved in this pyramid scheme. Multilevel network marketing isn’t a pyramid scheme because they focus their attention in the products, services and recruiting as well to make a profit.

Multilevel NetworkMarketing checklist:

Before enrolling as a distributor, you need to get all the fact straights and get know more about the multilevel network marketing company, its products or services and startup costs.
Get written documents from their marketing business plans, Sales revenues, etc.
You need to talk with experience MLM marketers that you want to get more information about the company. Do they have excellent leadership qualities within the company? What types of education and training are you learning from them to promote the product and services? Is the company using online marketing strategies to market their company? Is the company making profits in selling their products to the customers?

Therefore, it is crucial to do your due diligence and multilevel network marketing check list if there is a fit for you to start making money in network marketing. This way you can avoid all the scams that you came across from someone or on the internet. You can definitely save a lot of time and money when investigating these network marketing business opportunities today. [Read more]

Multilevel Network Marketing

Is it right for you?

Well that’s a good question and one I guess only you can answer. But in order to make an informed decision it’s important that you find out as much about Multilevel Network Marketing as you can.

So to begin with it’s worth understanding that Multilevel Network Marketing is also often referred to as MLM or Network Marketing. However it’s referred to, it all means the same thing.

Depending on where you look, you may find that MLM has a poor reputation. Many people think that all Multilevel Marketing opportunities are scams. Worse still, some people think that they are pyramid schemes. So it’s worth clarifying that point straight away – MLM businesses are not pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes encourage people to pay a fee to join in return for nothing. There is no end user product. They in turn encourage more people to join and make money from their fee who will go on to encourage more people to join in order for them to make money. And so it goes on. This is not what MLM Network Marketing is about at all.

MLM Marketing is ultimately all about providing the end user with a product or a service. Rather than selling this product or service via regular retail methods, companies that decide to use MLM or Network Marketing do so in the knowledge that a strong network of distributors or representatives can produce fantastic results. This is generally because a network of self-employed people who are dependent upon their own success for their salary are likely be far more motivated than a company full of employees receiving a salary regardless of how many products they sell.

On joining an MLM or Network Marketing business you have two main choices as to the route you wish to take. If you want to make a little extra income, maybe to supplement your full time job or pay for luxuries like your annual holiday, then being a distributor in the right MLM company can help you to achieve this. However many people get in to the world of Multilevel Network Marketing to achieve a lot more than this. And it is certainly is possible if you know how. Some of the most successful people in the industry really do achieve incredible wealth. The opportunity really is there, unfortunately however, most people who enter this industry do not know how to make the most of it.

Within the world of MLM Network Marketing you have an up-line and a down-line. Immediately within your up-line you will have your sponsor. This is the person that brought you in to the business. They in turn will have a sponsor who brought them in to the business who will have their own sponsor and so on. This is your up-line. When you join the business you can then decide whether you are just looking for some extra pocket money and remain as a distributor, or you can also choose to bring new distributors in to the business, in which case you become their sponsor and they become your down-line. As they bring more people in to the business your down-line will grow. Now you will not only earn commission on the products that you sell yourself, but you will also earn on the products that your down-line sell. It depends on the company as to how many levels down this will apply to but as a fairly common average; you can expect to earn commission on anywhere from the first 3 to 5 levels of your down-line.

So you can see clearly from this, the more distributors you sponsor in to the business and the more they sponsor in to the business the more money you are able to earn. And that’s only right because it ultimately means that the company is selling more products to the end user – the people who buy the products.
So it sounds fairly simple – and in theory it is. Especially if you only want to be a distributor and you are confident that you have enough family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances to regularly buy products from you and in turn provide you with an income. The difficulty arises when you decide that you want to go further in this business and really generate an amazing income and therefore lifestyle. In order to do this you need to be able to do two key things:

1) You need to be able to sponsor lots of people in to your business.
2) You have to be able to provide the help, coaching, support and encouragement to those people to ensure that they are successful.

One of main difficulties within the world of Multilevel Network Marketing is that you are not only reliant upon yourself for your success. If your down-line is not amazingly successful, then you are never going to be amazingly successful. Even if you manage to bring in lots of distributors, if they can’t go on to do the same thing, your business is not going to grow in to the business you need it to be in order for you to achieve true success. So your key objective when entering the world of MLM marketing is to firstly to understand how you personally can be successful and then secondly to understand exactly how you are going to help your down-line to be successful.

Now every MLM company will tell you that theirs is a duplicable system. In fact they are going to tell you that all you have to do is talk to three people, who will then talk to three people, who will then talk to three people and before you know it, you’ve made yourself a fortune. Please do not be fooled by this. If only it worked that way, the world would be inundated with MLM millionaires! As it is you have two key barriers to overcome:

1) How do you find people who want to join your business?
2) Once they have joined your business how to you make them successful?

Well, let me tell you, you certainly do not use any of the old school tactics that your up-line may tell you about. These are some things that you should never ever do:

• Do not write a list of everyone you have ever met in your life in the hope that many of them will want to join your business.

• Do not throw ‘parties’ that turn in to a sales pitch about why all of your guests should join your business.

• Do not pressurise your family and friends in to joining you in business.

• Do not give out flyers, leaflets of leave cards on car windshields.

• Do not spend all day every day cold calling.

• And never, ever pay money to buy leads!

If someone ever tries to tell you about the 3 foot rule then ignore them! And if they begin to recommend you start to strike up conversations with people at the gas station or in the supermarket queue – just don’t do it! Believe me when I tell you that is never going to be the way to really succeed in this industry!

Instead you need to go out and get some proper training on exactly how you can achieve incredible success within Multilevel Network Marketing. And if you haven’t yet selected the company that you would like to work with then let me give you this piece of advice – a good sponsor is difficult to find but is worth their weight in gold. In fact, the sponsor that you choose to work with is far more important than the company that you choose to work with. Your company can never make you successful. No matter how good the compensation plan, your company is not going to take you by the hand and coach and mentor you all the way to success, but your sponsor will. That is if you have selected your sponsor wisely. So please take as much time in considering your sponsor as you do in considering your company. Remember, your success is vital to your sponsor’s success. The best sponsors very much understand this and therefore will be committed to providing you with the best level of support they possibly can.

So once you have selected your sponsor you then need to understand just what you need to do to bring distributors in to your down-line. Luckily your sponsor is going to take you by the hand and coach you through every step of this – but they can’t do it for you. You need to do this for yourself. So remember that you very first key to success is your action. If you don’t take action, you won’t succeed. So don’t put it off until tomorrow – make a start right now!

Next you need to understand the techniques that you need to follow to attract people to want to work with you. Get this right and you are really on the path to your own pot of gold! Get it wrong and all you’re likely to do is waste a fortune trying!

So I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of you getting some proper training and mentorship. There is a lot of training available out there on-line and much of it free. However please do be careful. A lot of people are very keen to encourage you spend your hard earned money on solutions that are going to do it all for you without you lifting a finger and can be very persuasive. Believe me when I tell you that 99 out of 100 of these so called automated solutions will produce very little if anything for you. The best advice I could give you is to do your research thoroughly and learn how you can do this for yourself. That is the best path you could possibly take if you want to achieve true success!

As a start please feel free to visit my blog. It is packed full of free tips, advice, ideas and resources to help you out. You can even download a free copy of my e-book ‘The MLM Success Handbook’ which will take you by the hand and guide you through all of the steps that you need to follow to build the strong foundations for future success.

And a key lesson to learn – wherever possible, avoid the hype and go for the honest, factual approach. You are much less likely to end up disappointed and out of pocket!

Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything that I can do to lend any further support or help to point you in the right direction. I would be happy to help! [Read more]

How Does MultiLevel Network Marketing Work?


Can you clearly see the difference between legal Multi Level Network Marketing and the less profitable opportunities online, like pyramid games and scams? You may say that legal Multi Level Network Marketing is a combination of networking and franchising. Also one important factor is that your success in building your business is your own dedication, diligence and skill. The franchising portion involve you marketing and selling products and/or a service of an already existing company. This company have chosen to use the Multi Level Network Marketing strategy as a way to sell and market their products and/or services. Examples of such well-known companies are Tupperware and Oriflame that both use the Multi Level Network Marketing method. These types of companies provide their distributors with suitable education, material and guidance necessary to market and sell with a fruitful result.


The Multi Level Network Marketing companies recruit members at an initial stage. These members make money by selling products or services from the franchise company to its own network. When the business grows its time to step up to be a distributor. To become a distributor they continue to sell as previously but also build their own down line organisation with sales people reporting to them. As this Multi Level Network Marketing keep growing the distributor also gain residuals from the sales performed by its sales people including its own sales. In some systems the distributor also gain bonuses from generating new members that sell the same products or services in his network.


But is Multi Level Network Marketing the same thing as pyramid selling? In principle, a pyramid selling system has got only one objective, and that is to rob you. After that, the pyramid systems use YOU to rob other people too! The marketing strategy and business model that enforce MLM is one focused on selling honourable products and its important for the company behind to keep a good reputation by increasing the distribution base.


1. Do you have to invest a large amount of money to join as a member and to earn the right to distribute the products? Legitimate Multi Level Network Marketing companies do not demand large investments initially.
2. Do you have to purchase a certain amount of none refundable stock initially? Legitimate Multi Level Network Marketing companies uses low initial purchases and see things out of your perspective. You need to see and test their products before you make any big investments
3. What about the business support. Does it exist or are you being left alone after investing a huge amount? Legitimate Multi Level Network Marketing has already tested proven sales and marketing packages and strategies to help their consultants in the sales process when approaching the end customer.
4. Do they offer huge residuals already initially for recruiting new members? Do they focus more on recruiting new members than selling their products? Needless to say, a legitimate Multi Level Network Marketing company focus on selling their products or services.
5. What about stable trainings, are they in place? Is there a solid training scheme in place with your own head office contact for ongoing training updates?

If any of these points indicate a pyramid scam I definitely insist that you think again. There is a lot of well established and well paying Multi Level Network Marketing companies out there to help you become an successful home based business entrepreneur. [Source]

How does mlm multilevel network marketing work and does it?

[QUESTION TITLE] How does mlm multilevel network marketing work and does it? – Asked on 2011-01-25

[Question] – Hello was just curious about this subject mlm multilevel network marketing and whether or not it is a way to financial freedom as all or most of the copy I have seen for product is like wow and finally its like the dumps and a rip off. It seems if you are rich and have money to waste then maybe you’ll be successful if not then nope or so it seems?

[Answer 1] – Network Marketing is a great industry to be involved with, is a model that speeds up your wealth creation but you have to work for it. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but rather for building a business, which takes daily effort, consistency, and perseverance.
Network Marketing is a fantastic way to earn a living, the problem is not many people actually make any money in the industry and It’s NOT the same as pyramid selling, but a people-to-people business that can significantly expand your circle of friends also online.
Here’s to your success.

[Answer 2] – I have been a member of for almost 2 years now. They are fantastic! I think it’s the best mlm company out there because they really give back to the community… they organize “community clean-up” parties and everything, they are the best MLM co i’ve ever worked for!

[Answer 3] – Reserve your cup at

This company is a sister company of Waiora which is a debt free company so even though this company might still be in pre launch, it has a guarentee because its being ran by already successful business owners. Let me know if you have Q’s

[Answer 4] – Hi,

Multi level marketing (MLM) is a business, just like any other business.

You get what you put into it.

Most small businesses fail because people do not have the proper education about how to run a business. If you are great at what you do, it doesn’t mean you can run a business.

Same thing with MLM. You need to get the right information and education about how to run the business, but more then that, you need to act accordingly.

Good luck,
Nemrod Kedem

P.S. PM me for reference to a good MLM education program.

[Answer 5] – It just seems that way. It is a different model of business, but business nonetheless. It is a lot less risk because in this industry if you fail, you are out of a little money and a little time. Whereas if you went the traditional brick and mortar route you would be out of 10’s or hundreds of thousands of dollars if you failed. The traditional model takes as much as 5 years just to break even. In mlm you have no overhead, yet you have the leverage to cover your invest within the 1st week. You just have to find something out there that you would buy even if there was no opportunity attached to it. Then your involvement would be risk-free. To see if a company is a scam just do a quick search with the Better Business Bureau. If they have a low rating such as a D rating or an F rating. You should steer clear. Go for the A or A- rated companies. That’s what I did and I have no complaints to date.

[Answer 6] – I’m in the same boat as you on this one. I’ve been doing some research on the matter. I’m no expert on it or anything. I found this article someone wrote about how they work and how to choose an MLM company. Just thought it might be of some help.

[Answer 7] –… [Source]

Important Multilevel Network Marketing Video Everyone Should Watch

Illegal Pyramids Vs. Legal Multilevel Marketing Distribution Part 1

The question comes up all of the time for network marketers, “Is this one of those MLM pyramid deals?” The fact is, most people do not really understand the difference between a legitimate multilevel network marketing company and an illegal pyramid scheme.

How Kyani Distinguishes Itself as a Multilevel Network Marketing Business

Kyani is a multilevel network marketing company with integrity and some of the highest quality products in the market. The Kyani compensation plan is one of the best in the multilevel network marketing industry. Chris Cannon, with Team Aloha explains the Kyani network marketing company comp plan with some good insights for business network marketing and team development.

Every network marketing company and multilevel network marketing opportunity needs to be thoroughly examined and I personally believe the first, logical place to start is with the products! Makes sense, right?

I mean who wants to attach his or her reputation to garbage?

This is where Kyani really sets themselves apart as a multilevel network marketing company that sets people up for long term success. And, not just their distributors, but their customers first. Kyani offers a 100% money back guarantee on their multilevel network marketing products.

We Recommend You First Try Kyani and Then Decide if Kyani is the Multilevel Network Marketing Business You Can Believe In…

Kyani has distribution centers with access to over 50 different countries and you don’t have to deal with customs or delayed shipping. You should expect your Kyani shipment to arrive in less than a week and you’re completely protected by the Kyani 100% money back guarantee. You have a risk-free opportunity to try Kyani. I can’t think of a better multilevel network marketing company and this MLM opportunity is one that puts the customers and distributors first in terms of a highly effective product that is of the highest quality and an offer that someone would literally have to be crazy to pass up.