Want to Know The Best MLM to Join?

The best MLM company to join is the one with the products or services you absolutely believe in and with which you have had a positive, personal experience.

That’s really it.

A lot of people are wondering what the best MLM is, but what they aren’t realizing is that their future customers and downline of the supposed “best MLM” aren’t buying because that company is the best MLM, they are buying because of what they perceive to be your enthusiasm, your integrity, and your belief in the products.

So, my opinion is… if you want to be a scam artist or a conman (conwoman?), then keep looking for the best MLM online.

The best MLM isn’t necessarily the best paying MLM or the network marketing company with the best compensation plan. The best MLM also isn’t necessarily the oldest in the marketplace, nor is the best MLM the newest network marketing company.

A lot of people, making loads of money might disagree with me, but at the end of the day, the only way I’m attaching my integrity and reputation to a company is when I absolutely believe in the efficacy of the products and I see that the company has a track record of putting its customers, distributors and product quality first. This is the best MLM, and in my case it happens to be that Kyani is the best MLM.


Why is Kyani the Best MLM?

There are three reasons why Kyani is the best MLM currently in the marketplace:

  1. Uniqueness and quality of products – Kyani Sunrise is a fortified Alaskan blueberry-based superfood blend with amazing antioxidant and blood-sugar-management properties (there are a lot of competitors in this market so this product has to be the best of the best). Kyani Nitro FX and Kyani Nitro Xtreme are proprietary Noni blends that use nitrates and nitrites to maximize the body’s natural production of nitric oxide (this opens up your circulation to allow for the maximum absorption of the Kyani Sunrise and Sunset products). Lastly, Kyani Sunset is a proprietary blend of Alaskan sockeye salmon that is virtually mercury-free and Vitamin E tocotrienols (Dr. Oz’s 2013 supplement of the year. Dr. Tan who discovered this patented form of Vitamin E has an exclusive contract with Kyani so there is no other source aside from Dr. Tan’s.).
  2. Kyani is owned by three families, the Hansen’s, the Taylor’s and the Powell’s – all of which have been extremely successful building service and commodity based businesses relying upon traditional marketing strategies instead of network marketing models. The collective net worth backing Kyani is impressive and it also is a sign that Kyani is here to stay and will make its mark as one of the best MLM companies of the 21st century.
  3. Lastly, it comes down to money… As if being excited about the Kyani products isn’t enough, Kyani has brought to network marketing one of the best MLM compensation plans in the industry. It is a completely unique model that pays from the bottom up instead of the top down; rewarding those who work to build their businesses instead of those who happened to join the business earlier. Also instead of the old binary, unilevel, forced matrix or stair-step breakaway plans, the Kyani compensation plan is based upon building just 3 teams or legs. You can build as many legs as you want but your compensation comes from your teams meeting their goals, so the Kyani comp plan is truly based upon teamwork and helping your downline with their personal development.

Kyani, in my opinion is the best MLM company to join. But only you will know for yourself if this is the best MLM to join by trying their products. Kyani offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee to their customers, so the risk is really on Kyani to prove they’re the best MLM. At the bottom of this page you’ll have the opportunity to buy Kyani products to test them for yourself to determine if Kyani is the best MLM.

Here is What Others are Saying about the Best MLM in the Industry

Feel free to scroll through the following content until you see the next horizontal divider line… As you can see people are pretty desperate and borderline sketchy with their reasons for getting involved in network marketing. They’re looking for the best MLM because they assume that they won’t have to work and they can somehow convince people to sign up for any old network marketing MLM company.

Sorry people, it is net-W-O-R-K marketing. It only works when you’re willing to w-o-r-k. If you can’t run a different business and put yourself out there risking rejection and failure, then network marketing is going to be one solid slap across your face. Being with the supposed “best MLM” in the industry isn’t going to help you one bit because after you do the stupidest thing ever and burn through your warm list of friends and family, what are you going to do next?

As I stated above, its not about the best MLM, it is completely about the best MLM for you and it involves a product that actually creates results and a high integrity business with a rewarding comp plan. Most of the people who ask the following questions below are going to fail in their first year (maybe a few will have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting and realize that the more they work on their personal development, the better their overall results become). The best MLM is one that inspires you to work on yourself as an individual…

Looking For Top MLM Companies – 1st Learn This Formula Before Joining

You see, with thousands of MLM companies in the industry, there lies a wide range of different payment structures and compensation plans. There are ‘so called’ top MLM companies that pay $10,000 per Month for having around 5000 people in a downline, while there are other companies that pay the same $10,000 per Month for having only 350 people in a downline.

So, you may ask, “Why would one join a company in which one would have to Acquire 10-15 times more people in a downline to make the same residual income as another company? Why would one want to work 10-15 times harder for the same desired income?”

I believe There are a multitude of reasons for this, but feel that the two most important ones are:

  1. They don’t understand their own compensation plans.
  2. They get a watered-down version of the compensation plan from their upline or sponsor.

Now, it is no secret that in the network marketing industry, most compensation plans are extremely difficult to comprehend.

So, why do MLM companies purposely make them confusing?

I’m sure if MLM companies had simpler compensation plans…this would unhinder people’s apprehension in joining that company?

When a MLM company has simpler compensation plans, distributors gain more confidence in explaining the compensation plan to their downline & prospects…therefore taking action faster in promoting that company product and/or compensation plan.

But there is good news!

The good news is there is a way of detecting & diagnosing a poor compensation plan from an excellent compensation plan.

There is a way of determining how much you can, will and do make with any company behind any confusing compensation plan…behind all the smoke & mirror tricks…behind any scam…behind whatever!

And this is done by asking one simple question and using this one simple-secret-formula:

First, the question:

How many people would I need in my downline to earn $10,000 per month in residual income?

Second, the formula which consists of 2 parts… Part 1 – Take the (average dollars spent on autoship) multiplied by (average commission % for 5 levels deep) = Avg. Money earned per customer…

Part 2 – You then divide your (desired income per Month) by (Avg. money earned per customer) = Amount of people needed in your downline.

So, to give you an example – lets say that we have company-XYZ, with an average Monthly autoship at $150.00, and company-XYZ pays 7% on the first level, 4% on the 2nd level, and 3% on levels 3 through 5. This would bring you an average commission of 5%.

By plugging in these #’s in the 1st part of the formula would bring you to a result of $7.50 – as seen below.

Part 1 – ($150.00) x (6%) =($7.50 earned per customer)

Now to derive the final result, we need to incorporate part 2 of the equation.

You can plug in any figure for (desired income per Month). In this demonstration, I’m going to use $10,000.

We then plug in this data for the final result:

Part 2 – $10,000 / $7.50 = 1,333


In Company-XYZ, one would need to sign up 1,333 people in their downline to earn $10,000 per Month in residual income.

You can utilize this formula to work with any and all compensation plans…Matrix, Binary, Stair-Step, aussie-2-up, etc…

This powerful formula can be utilized in 2 ways….

1- You can use it if your in the market in looking for top mlm company.

2- You can also use it in evaluating your own company to find out how many people you would need in your downline to earn your desired Monthly income.

Now, keep in mind that compensation plans aren’t everything.

There are many other elements that can make up a top mlm company,such as having a remarkable product, proven system, fair policies & procedures, an excellent upline, and a company with good track record.

This is also known in the industry as the ‘5 Pillars To Success’.

So, make sure you do the extensive research before deciding from the ‘so-called’ top mlm companies when many are found to be amongst the majority of network marketing scams. [Read more]

Three Of Best MLM Companies To Join

MLM, or multi-level marketing, is one of the most established marketing techniques today. While there are many people who swear by the monetary benefits of joining MLM companies, many are decrying the loss of money they suffered at the hands of fraudulent MLM companies. These people are victims of MLM companies involved in get rich quick schemes which are popularly referred to as pyramid schemes.

However, more and more people are still joining MLM companies in the hopes that they will earn much needed additional income. To help these people, we have compiled here a list of the top MLM companies to join. These are companies that have proved to be money making for the people who joined them as distributors, sales consultants, franchisers, or independent contractors.

  1. MonaVie — This is a company that sells formulated, premium quality nutritional products. All its products contain the Acai berry, a fruit native to the Brazil and known for its weight loss and anti-aging properties. Many consumers have found the products of the company to be true to its claim. With the current world obsession on weight loss, there will be always be a market for the companies products.
  2. Herbalife — Founded by Mark Hughes, this is one of the world’s premier nutrition and weight-management companies. Aside from health products, the company also sells products for energy, fitness, and targeted nutrition. It also sells personal care products through its 1.9 million distributors scattered over 70 countries. Many independent distributors of Herbalife are avid consumers of the companies products themselves. In this regard, not only has the company improved the lives of millions of people, it has also improved their financial well-being.
  3. Amway — This MLM company has been around for five decades and has over 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in North America alone. These IBOs sell products for health and nutrition as well as personal care products. The company has also branched out to selling Amway branded laundry and cleaning products, house wares, and appliances. Amway continues to develop environmental-friendly products that people will always find to be useful in their daily lives.If you notice, all these three MLM companies sell products that are patronized and loved by their very own distributors. In addition, these MLM companies market products that are geared towards improving the health and daily life experience of their consumers These are undoubtedly two factors that you should use when selecting an MLM company to join. [Read more]

One of the Best MLM Books to Read to Be an Effective Recruiter

Be a Recruiting Superstar: The Fast Track to Network Marketing Millions

Questions about the Best MLM to Join

What is the best MLM to join?

[QUESTION TITLE] What is the best MLM to join? – Asked on 2009-12-19

[Question] – I want to make a crapload of money, I am tired of being poor. What is the best MLM / Pyramid Scheme to join to get rich?

[Answer 1] – Choosing the best MLM to join is the question of the ages. I would advise doing your due diligence and start by reviewing companies by their history in the industry. An MLM companies history is important because now in the internet age there are new MLM companies pre-launching every week. Each pre-launch comes with the hype about how they have the next best product line and next best compensation plan. A good place to start reviewing companies is at Npros.com. On their site they do have a ranking system based on company popularity, they also list new companies if joining a pre-launch sounds appealing.

Consider some of these: Monavie, Noni, Herbalife, Xango, Arbonne

Another important factor is who you team up with because like with any start up business (yes, you will be starting your own business) you don’t want to jump into it without help from leaders that are willing to help you along the way. It is important that the leader you choose to follow within that MLM business have a marketing system set up that can be easily duplicated by you and those you add to your down line.

Making a crap load of money sounds exciting and the dream of achieving those rich’s in MLM is possible but keep in mind that within any business there is a very high failure rate. I advise you to focus on the following:

1. Develop a keen insight to make the finer distinctions
2. Develop a strong ability to influence others
3. Develop an ability to create and communicate value (pitching your business up front is the wrong approach)
4. Develop an ability to attract people to you through utilizing Attraction Marketing
5. Develop and ability to inspire others by truly connecting with them (listen first)
6. Cultivate partnerships

Also remember that the most important word in MLM is “marketing”, which is the lifeblood of your business. When you get started you’ll want to start by knowing the following principles that can lead you to success.

1. Know who your target market is.
2. Know how to brand yourself as a leader within that MLM business.
3. Know how to generate income up front to stay in the game.
4. Know how to generate leads and convert those leads to sales and team members.

While you research on the internet you will find many people focusing on lead generation. Yes, lead generation is important. I stopped focusing on recruiting and started focusing on the 4 simple leverage points above. Which transformed I and my wife’s business.

Learning how to generate leads will then open you up to a world of opportunity but the hardcore truth is that the world of opportunity in MLM unfortunately is slim because of the high failure rate and the disheartening idea that in MLM you’ll suffer from what I like to call “the few benefiting from the many”. This means that those at the bottom who receive items on autoship will be putting money in the pockets of the small 3% at the top.

So my last piece of advice to you would be to choose direct sales (with residuals built in) instead of traditional MLM. Good luck and happy hunting.

Choose direct sales => http://topgunnetworker.com/earn-money-from-internet/

[Answer 2] – One thing you have to remember is that there are a ton of MLM / Network Marketing companies out there. 95% of all network marketers make about $100 or less per month in their business. 5% are making 100k or more a month. There is something that separates the 5% from the 95% and that is having a proper system in place to handle the 3 biggest problems network marketers have :

1. Lack of money
2. Lack of Leads
3. Lack of marketing skills

Visit my website. I am a real person and would be happy to speak to you by phone or email 901 871-0185

[Answer 3] – Yea man, take my advice and don’t look into MLM. I’ve seen friends invest hundreds into MLM to only come out with $5 or less. Stay away.

If you want to make some money, you are best off starting your own business. There’s no need to think you have to create something creative. Just do what everyone else is doing and do it better. There’s more than enough money out there for everyone to prosper. Put in the work and you’ll get there. Set goals. Reach them. Learn how the internet works and how people shop for things. Once you master that (which can take years), you’ll be rolling in dollars. There are products out there that can help you get a good start. Don’t buy into too many of them. In fact, stick with 1 at a time and see it through. But stay away from MLM. Check out my resource if you’re interested in making money online. [Source]

What is the best MLM company to earn money ?

[QUESTION TITLE] What is the best MLM company to earn money ? – Asked on 2009-03-04

[Question] – I want to earn a lots of money in short time but i m finding a best mlm company with best leaders. anybody is in it ?

[Answer 1] – there is no best MLM company with the best leaders,
it’s all up to you…

I got just the perfect System for you, It’s called Spiderweb Marketing System, It’s the hottest, cutting-edge system in the Network Marketing Industry,
22 income streams,
best income stream is GDI, here is BBB rating of GDI
sandiego.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx + ?site=26&bbb=1186&firm=28007456

another income stream is Google AdSense, you probaly seen alot of members suggesting it.

Spiderweb Marketing System is easy to learn. And most amazingly, its totally FREE to start.

also, here is video proof of payments,

PS: I know I didn’t post any active links,
Yahoo Answers suspends everyone who is posting too many links,
doesn’t matter if different links or same links….but if you put a link every answer… you get suspended. and I basically have “3 links” at one answer.

[Answer 2] – mlm ka BAAP


[Answer 3] – check out http://www.BankofAdult.com its the fastest and cheapest growing mlm

[Answer 4] – Sex toys, Dating and turnkey adult websites go MLM with Bankofadult.com

BankofAdult.com is a 100% turnkey internet MLM business opportunity featuring adult entertainment products like adult website memberships, Dating, Live cams, Sex toys and sex products in over 140 countries world wide.

[Answer 5] – hi
if you realy and seriously want to earn more then i have a way for you but its not a get fast rich sceme so you have to do work that is very simple to do but need patience.
and there is 1000 rs. investment also but it is for business tools and it is refundable.

[Answer 6] – Reserve your cup at http://reserveyourcup.com/josephpeter

This company is a sister company of Waiora which is a debt free company so even though this company might still be in pre launch, it has a guarentee because its being ran by already successful business owners. Let me know if you have Q’s

[Answer 7] – Consider joining ITWORKS.
I know a lot of people are skeptical about the products when they first see them but check out my fb page and so some research.
I have 29 distributors, including trainers, hair stylists and fitness models

[Answer 8] – MLM is a business model that combines two marketing strategies:

1) Selling products and services directly to consumers. Much like Dell sells their computers directly to consumers (and not through physical stores). Like cable tv and AOL do.

2) Find entrepreneurs who sell the products and services directly to consumers. Like Amazon and McDonald’s find entrepreneurs. You get paid a percentage of their sales.

Regardless of what MLM company you choose you only get paid for selling products and services in these two ways. If you would like to make lots of money in a short period of time you must SELL lots of products/services in a SHORT period of time.

I do not know your skills. Are you highly skilled at selling products and services? Are you highly skilled at finding entrepreneurs who sell products and services? Are you good at both? Do you have experience in the MLM industry?

If you can answer Yes to all of these questions then you can probably be successful at selling alot of products & services in a short period of time. If your answer however is NO on the other hand I wouldnt bank on being able to sell alot in a short period of time.

You have to walk before you can run and without experience you’re still in the crawling stage and have a long way to go. MLM requires communication and people skills. Even in the “Best MLM Company” you’d have little to no success without perfecting these skills.

With that said if you still desire to pursue a career in MLM I would recommend looking for products and services you believe in with a real market value and competitive pricing.

A short list of MLM companies can be found here:


A long list of over 1,000 MLM companies worldwide can be found here:


[Answer 9] – One of those hopeless questions. 1, What is a MLM company? 2. Do you want to earn or must the company earn? 3. Where are you? If I don’t know any company you are looking for, how do I know their leaders? 4. Not knowing MLM companies, I would not know who is in it. 5. How much is a lot of money? 6. 5 000 rupee’s or $ 400 or a half billion Zim. dollars? 7. “earning a lot of money in a short time” is a pipe dream of mostly uneducated kids.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve no idea what we are talking about.

[Answer 10] – Renegade university is good,lots of tools,you can join free and look around http://cro.renegadeuniversity.com/ru4
but I must tell you that is not about MLM company or product.If you wantt o make money fast this is not it.It will take 5-6 months to make income.It is about marketing system.All those ,so called gurus, have there own product because they need to sustain mlm biz. Try to create 10 page ebook and give it away for free to get signups.When you do,send 7 day emails with free value and strong sales letter for MLM biz opportunity.
Success is something you attract by the person you become! When the value of an item outweighs the action to acquire that item a conversion happens.
All you have to do is make sure your price is always less then the value of what you’re offering.
Collect bonus stuff to give on your signup page.Bea leader!
Good luck
PS.if you want fast money free try this http://www.MillionDollarLicensing.com/vi…
anyone can make money with this.

[Answer 11] – There are a lot of options available today but before you jump on anything, please check on these few things:
1. Is the Business Legal?
2. Can you do it along with your current job/being at home?
3. What is the investment? The more the investment, the more is the RISK.
4. Does the business asks for any commitments on time or can you do it in your free time.
5. Is the business immune from market fluctuations and slowdowns.

I can suggest you something, that requires:
1. No investment. You get products for every penny you spend.
2. No time commitment. Do it in your free time.
3. No Risk. It is built around the most trusted markets.

About Returns, well the more you increase the network, the more you earn.

The company provides free of cost training and we work as a team to build your and my network.

Reply back and I shall be happy to help.

[Answer 12] – Hi

The only people to earn money in MLM are the people who were first in, my advice find something else like I have.

http;//www.MentorMoney Maker.com

I have only been a member a couple of weeks and I am already earning over $2500 per month, it’s brilliant.


[Answer 13] – check it if u like join immediately and earn…………but its not mlm……..
Indians Earn Rs.250000 monthly. Easy form filling jobs
Earn Rs.35,000-50,000/- per month from home No marketing / No MLM .
We are offering a rare Job opportunity where you can earn from home using your computer and the Internet – part-time or full-time. Qualifications required are Typing on the Computer only. You can even work from a Cyber Café or your office PC, if so required. Working part time for 1-2 hours daily can easily fetch you Rs. 20-25,000 per month. Online jobs, Part time jobs. Work at home jobs. Dedicated workers make much more as the earning potential is unlimited. No previous experience is required, full training provided. Anyone can apply. Please Visit http://www.earnparttimejobs.com/index.php?id=104880

[Answer 14] – No one will give you a lot of money in short time.Although if you want to know about MLM,just go through a shop of books and buy a book of Randy gage.He is M:LM millionaire and he also say thsi that you can’t earn money in short period.



it is only geiune website in the india .

mail [email protected]

[Answer 16] – Freelife. Big money great product. Visit http://vrarroyo.freelife.com

[Answer 17] – wiseman: It is Multi-Level marketing.

a.k.a. a complete waste of time. [Source]

Ulterior Reasons for Joining the Best MLM

As you read above in all of those crazy posts and questions about the best MLM, you probably saw a lot of people who were just interested in scamming people with network marketing. Those people are very low integrity and unfortunately the sort that have given multilevel marketing a black eye. It actually takes a lot of self-work, inner game, and personal development to grow yourself into an effective business person who can then fully maximize the benefits of being a part of the best MLM in the marketplace.

Kyani Videos – The Top Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Kyani offers the best MLM health supplements on the market. These proprietary blends are helping growing numbers of people across the world with the best MLM products.

The Kyani Sunrise product:

  • Enables Effective Stress Management with the best MLM Kyani products
  • Maintains Heart Health with the best MLM Kyani products
  • Supports Immune System with the best MLM Kyani products
  • Regulates Healthy Inflammatory Response with the best MLM Kyani products
  • Provides Increased Energy with the best MLM Kyani products
  • Facilitates Improved Brain Function with the best MLM Kyani products

The Kyani Nitro product:

  • Increase Blood Flow with the best MLM products
  • Boosts Energy Level with the best MLM products
  • Promotes Heart Health with the best MLM products
  • Supports Immune System with the best MLM products
  • Improves Sexual Health with the best MLM products
  • Promotes Blood Sugar Balance with the best MLM products

The Kyani Sunset product:

  • Helps Reduce Inflammation with the best MLM products
  • Maintains Healthy Cholesterol with the best MLM products
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health with the best MLM products
  • Supports Immune System with the best MLM products
  • Provides Increased Energy with the best MLM products
  • Improves Cognitive Function with the best MLM products
  • Improves Blood Sugar Levels with the best MLM products
  • Promotes Healthier Skin and Hair with the best MLM products

 There is Certainly No Kyani Scam with the Top Network Marketing Company

Kyani is an exceptional company, one of the best MLM opportunities out there right now and for decades to come. If you are interested in Joining Kyani or just trying the Kyani products, I highly encourage you to do so today. The Kyani products are available in most continents and Kyani is currently in 50 countries and growing.

Buy Kyani Online