herbalife reviewsAre You Still Looking at Herbalife Reviews and Trying to Decide if You’re Going to Build Your Social Marketing Network Marketing Business?

Are you trying to make a decision about joining that company? Here’s something your sponsor probably doesn’t want you to know. There are over 18,000 exact term global searches on Google for “Herbalife reviews.” What does this mean? That all around the world, 18,000 people are searching for the exact same thing as you: Herbalife reviews.

Why Your Success in That Network Business Marketing Model May Be Limited if You’re Dependent Upon Herbalife Reviews

Herbalife Products

Right from the start, if you’re looking for Herbalife reviews – I’m not here to bash Herbalife. I’ve personally tried their products while living in Latin America. It is my personal opinion that products using the following Herbalife ingredients do not do well in my body (if you’re looking for an Herbalife review, you might be different so perhaps you should try Herbalife if you haven’t already):

Soy Protein – I personally avoid soy. I don’t feel well when I eat it and perhaps the science isn’t conclusive but there are some soy dangers.

Sucralose – Also known by its commercial name Splenda. You may want to read about some of the sucralose dangers.

Herbalife Business Opportunity

Once again, this is all my personal opinion and if you really like Herbalife, then you should definitely promote it because you 100% believe in the efficacy of the products. I’ve traveled extensively through Latin America and lived in various countries. One thing I’ve noticed is a prevalence for mom and pop stores, pharmacies, and health food stores to all be selling Herbalife. Now in the USA, Europe and Canada it is a little bit more difficult to open a store and have it be profitable, but what I saw was a tremendous amount of market saturation. There are only so many pieces that a pie can be cut into… Sure you can always develop more market share but saturation is a serious issue to consider and this is what many of the oldest network marketing companies deal with… By the time a company is a household brand and your cousin and your neighbor are selling it, you might find it difficult to sell unless you’re a skilled sales person. Just sayin’…

Everyone is Building a Social Marketing Network – Most Just Don’t Know It!

The Herbalife Reviews aside, you still want to be your own boss and create a network marketing plan, right? There isn’t just one company or one way to do network business marketing. In my opinion, what it comes down to is promoting a product that you absolutely believe in… So much so that you would recommend it to other people EVEN IF you weren’t paid a penny to promote it or build a social marketing network around the business.

For me, this is Kyani. Awesome, excellent, natural, safe, high quality nutraceutical products that make a difference, and a network business marketing opportunity that has a tremendous amount of a room to grow before it becomes a household name.

Don’t believe me – try Kyani yourself and then decide to promote it. Kyani offers a great satisfaction guarantee and I sincerely believe you will find Kyani to be some of the best nutraceutical supplements available and a solid company around which you can build a lucrative network business marketing plan.