Are There Any New MLM Companies in 2013?

According to, there are 10 new MLM companies so far in 2013.

New MLM Companies 2013

Please welcome ten new MLM company profiles to

Beauty Society
Rastelli Foods Group – Rastelli Direct
NYR Organic US
Frezzor, Inc.
Nutrazon International, Inc.

Here is a list of multi-level marketing companies on Wikipedia but this is in no way a comprehensive list and does not contain new MLM companies.

This is a list of Wikipedia pages about companies which use multi-level marketing (also known as network marketing, direct selling,referral marketing, and pyramid selling) for most of their sales.

I feel it is important to point out that there will always be new MLM companies coming to the marketplace. Personally, I believe that there are four distinct categories of people who are trying to find a new MLM pre-launch company and we’ll address them in this MLM blog post:

  1. Unsatisfied – distributors who do not believe in the efficacy or effectiveness of their MLM network marketing products or services
  2. Opportunistic – distributors who get greedy and are looking for a way to make a quick extra buck
  3. MLM Newbies – future distributors looking for a new MLM company to join (this could be a new MLM to them and/or a new MLM company in the marketplace)
  4. Geographic – An old MLM company becomes a new MLM company when it enters a new country.

Here is what other people are saying about New MLM companies, opportunities, and questions new MLM distributors ask.

Trends Of New MLM Companies

Network is gaining renewed momentum as new MLM companies are starting to mushroom in the industry. After recession, many networks have withstood the tests of global financial crisis. These networks have in fact been in the market for decades. Established ones, such as Avon and Amway, have continued to pursue business gaining recruits and distributors around the globe as if they have not been unduly affected by the economic down trends. As the economies of giant nations are recovering in the year 2013, new MLM companies are also starting to gain strength along with tested networks.

Health and Beauty Products Never Run Out of Consumers

New MLM companies as well as established ones are popular for distributing beauty products, health and wellness products and household items. Their products are very popular because everyone knows the importance of looking and feeling good. Many individuals are also seeking for ways to stay healthy and fit not only to look good but to avoid losing productivity due to illness and diseases. Health and wellness videos and educational materials and nutritional supplements are increasing in demand alongside beauty regimens and anti-aging creams.

New MLM companies are also following suit after the huge success of multi-level companies that sell cosmetics and beauty products such as Avon, Mary Kay and Amway. New companies are finding the beauty industry very lucrative because the demand for the products is always there. There is also a growing trend of males using beauty products along with women. Teens are also becoming very meticulous in there looks.

New MLM companies are also gaining many recruits, distributors and consumers that ensure a solid business structure because the products are really affordable compared to equipment and clothing. Advertising and demonstration of the use of the products are also very viral making the products easy to market.

Food and Household Products Are Must-Haves

Food and household products are also increasingly gaining popularity among new MLM companies. The products are must-haves in many homes and kitchens because of their practical use. A solid base of consumers accounts to women who run households such as mothers.

Studies further show that around 87% of distributors are women. An increased number of women are also able to buy their items. In America alone, 50% of mothers have purchasing power. Mothers and women can seek income even when they only work part-time. Food and household products are always close to many women’s hearts. These products help make household chores easier. Women are more empowered if they have these products as allies in their household because they are afforded extra time for other endeavours.

It is not true that MLM is running out of relevance in the market. The popularity of established MLM companies that operate in many territories around the globe is a testament of the need for network marketing. They compete with other companies that do not operate using the MLM business model. The rise of new MLM companies that abound the market in 2012 and 2013 also goes to show that MLM is as relevant as before. And even more relevant. [Read more]

New MLM Companies Of 2012

Gigi Hill. This MLM company sells functional and stylish bags. They are based in California. They focus on bags for the lifestyle of the busy woman. One of the best features of each Gigi Hill bag are the pockets. You will see pockets for every need. If you are a host of a Gigi Hill party, you will get half-off items, free product credits and much more. They offer you two showcases for you to choose. They have one of $199.95 and another of $379.95. Business supplies and product samples are included in each showcase. If you are a new stylist, you will get discounts to help you start your business venture. You will get 25% of profits on retail sales. It is possible to earn income by recruiting more stylists.

3000BC. This firm is based in Philadelphia. Independent Skincare Advisors have demonstrated the quality of their products in home parties. The product line of the firm includes emollients, antioxidants, organic essential oils and proteins. You can earn up to 20% of the products when sold in home parties. They even offer you half-price products. When some purchases an item in these parties, they will ship it directly to the home of the owner. This MLM is committed to help you start your profitable MLM business in this country. You can read it in their mission statement. They also have an unique diagnostic approach that helps anyone get a healthier skin. Their products are safe and effective. You will have to pay $199.00 to sign up with this firm.This fee includes online tools, a web site, business supplies and products. They also sell a business builder pack for $299.00. They even have a great compensation plan. You will earn up to 35% commission on every retail sale. The base level of commission is 25%.

Biltmore Inspirations. This MLM company is based in Asheville, NC. They use a home-based party plan to sell their products. They started in July 2011. This firm is also a member of the DSA. Their product line includes gourmet foods, wine accessories and much more. Their home parties include free gift, and half-priced items. Their mission is for families to celebrate every day with style. They will use entrepreneurship, hospitality and philanthropy to get it. Their enrollment packs start from $99.00 to $199.00. You will get catalogs, product samples, training materials and business supplies with each kit. You will earn from 25% to 43% on each retail sale. There are many bonuses for you too.

YJ Sciences. This firm is based in British Columbia and has operations in United States and Canada. YouthJuice is their flagship product, which has sea vegetables and berries. Each bottle of YouthJuice will improve your digestion, mobility, mood, mental focus, detoxification level and the appearance of nails, hair and skin. It is free to join YJ Sciences but an annual fee of $35 is required for each brand partner. You need to purchase 100 Personal Volume each 4 weeks to get more options. You will earn income selling your products and from the products sold by your downline.

These are but a few of the many new and exciting MLM companies of 2012. [Read more]

A Good Network Marketing Book

The New Professionals: The Rise of Network Marketing As the Next Major Profession

New Multilevel Marketing Distributor Questions

Is there an MLM company for bodybuilding supplements?

[QUESTION TITLE] Is there an MLM company for bodybuilding supplements? – Asked on 2013-03-10

[Question] – I would like to sell bodybuilding supplement with an MLM that’s not too scammy.

[Answer 1] – There are SO MANY MLMs that sell bodybuilding supplements, you’ll have a hard time finding legitimate companies. Here are some tips:

If a company or product matches ANY of these scenarios, it’s a SCAM…
*Their trust seals do not lead to the company’s listing or have no link.
*They charge to “become a member” before you can sell their product.
*They charge to hire you (real companies don’t charge applicants).
*They claim market-defying, science-defying, or other miraculous results.
*They have no phone AND their address is a P.O. Box OR foreign country.
*They require automatic renewals/reorders OR have no cancellation policy.
*They require minimum levels of sales or recruitment to sell their product.
*They require payment by Direct Deposit, MoneyPack, or Wire.
*They require payment via email or other insecure connection.
*They require you send or wire money back from an overpaid check.
*They try to “dare” or “guilt” you into buying their product or joining.
*They use SPAM as an advertising technique.

READ THE FINE PRINT: If a company requires a minimum level of sales or recruitment, you will loose money–unless you’re either skilled at sales or using their products or services. Also watchout for MLMs whose only products are instructions for how to recruit new members. &…………

Source(s): Affiliate/Multi-Level/Network Marketing (MLM) experience [Source]

Is there an MLM company but done online?

[QUESTION TITLE] Is there an MLM company but done online? – Asked on 2013-01-12

[Question] – I want to know if there’s an actual network company that I can make money less than $100 to start. If you guys can show me what’s working, it would be a blessing. Through out looking around the internet, there seems to be a lot of scams out there promoting garbage. Please help me! Thanks.

[Answer 1] – They are all scams and you won’t make any money at them.

[Answer 2] – Absolutely! I am working for a company from home that is totally Legit! They are 4 years old and they, just this past week, completely revamped not only their website to make it better but their compensation plan is very good! They have 5 ways to make money! Below is a link if you want to check it out!

[Answer 3] – There all scams [Source]

Video – Best MLM Companies 2012-2013

So obviously I’m not involved with this company, but can’t you just smell the sizzle??? :-)

You won’t even have to work and you will get paid just for signing up… Hmmm if your scam meter isn’t on high alert, then check your pulse.

Kyani – The Best Network Marketing Company in 2013

I’m 100% on board with Kyani because I had a powerful personal experience with the products and I personally know others who have also. Let’s revisit the list of people looking for new MLM companies and it will reveal why I’m committed to promoting Kyani.

  1. Unsatisfied – distributors who do not believe in the efficacy or effectiveness of their MLM network marketing products or services Positive personal experience with Kyani products
  2. Opportunistic – distributors who get greedy and are looking for a way to make a quick extra buck Undeniably the best MLM compensation plan in the industry
  3. MLM Newbies – future distributors looking for a new MLM company to join (this could be a new MLM to them and/or a new MLM company in the marketplace) Excellent opportunity for MLM newbies and pros because the products are experiential and people can’t help but talk about positive results with Kyani
  4. Geographic – An old MLM company becomes a new MLM company when it enters a new country. In the past 4 years, Kyani has entered over 50 countries and more are opening soon.

The Kyani Products

The Kyani MLM Business Opportunity

If you’re looking for a new MLM company, then you’ve seriously got to consider Kyani. The products are experiential and it is practically effortless to sell something you completely believe in – in fact, it’s not even fair to call it selling, it is more like sharing. If someone doesn’t have the same positive results that you experienced then that is perfectly fine. No persuading, convincing or coercing; just sharing and sorting for customers.

Feel free to contact us today if you are interested in learning more about a new MLM company to join.